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It Was a Normal Day At a High School… Until An Awesome Teacher Did THIS. Unbelievable!





A real teacher is someone who inspires and motivates students to strive for greatness and help them unravel their true potentials and talents. Gone are the days where teachers have once been perceived as authoritative and unapproachable. The success of the students should be the teacher’s top priority and not theirs. Nowadays, students feel comfortable and inspired if their teachers get along with them. Well, if a teacher wants to understand and teach the students sincerely, then, the teacher should be with the student and creates an environment where student can express themselves freely.

Just like what the teacher did in this video. Recently, A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School, Dallas, Texas created this amazing dance moves that encouraged many students to participate and showcase their talents in dancing! But that’s not yet the best part! It was also participated by their teacher. And with that kind of moves and involvement, he was probably one of the coolest teachers I have ever seen.

Watch the Incredible Dance Moves!

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The students and the teacher showed off their incredible dance move to Mark Ronson’s hit song entitled “Uptown Funk.” “A great example of how a bunch of technology students let go of their fears, trusted their teacher.” as what they described themselves on YouTube.

I’m glad to see a teacher getting really involved with the activities of the student. It definitely inspires students to have fun and enjoy school.

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