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It Was a Normal Day At a High School… Until An Awesome Teacher Did THIS. Unbelievable!

This is the coolest teacher ever!

A real teacher is someone who inspires and motivates students to strive for greatness and help them unravel their true potentials and talents. Gone are the days where teachers have once been perceived as authoritative and unapproachable. The success of the students should be the teacher’s top priority and not theirs. Nowadays, students feel comfortable and inspired if their teachers get along with them. Well, if a teacher wants to understand and teach the students sincerely, then, the teacher should be with the student and creates an environment where student can express themselves freely.

Just like what the teacher did in this video. Recently, A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School, Dallas, Texas created this amazing dance moves that encouraged many students to participate and showcase their talents in dancing! But that’s not yet the best part! It was also participated by their teacher. And with that kind of moves and involvement, he was probably one of the coolest teachers I have ever seen.

Watch the Incredible Dance Moves!

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The students and the teacher showed off their incredible dance move to Mark Ronson’s hit song entitled “Uptown Funk.” “A great example of how a bunch of technology students let go of their fears, trusted their teacher.” as what they described themselves on YouTube.

I’m glad to see a teacher getting really involved with the activities of the student. It definitely inspires students to have fun and enjoy school.

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Loyal Dog Thinks His Owner is Drowning! What He Did? The Sweetest Thing Ever!

I seriously cannot get enough of this…


Loyal dogs are capable of doing things that are beyond normal. These are actions that can be perceived as signs of love and care which supplement the notion about dogs' capability to love. Although there are people who still remain skeptical about this, dogs have showed and done a lot of things to manifest their feelings and affections towards their owner.

Fortunately, I found another video that could be used as a concrete proof about dogs’ expression of love and care. I am not sure if skeptics can be convinced with this video. But what the heck, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The dog’s action was just exceptional and definitely something that you would truly love. I was not sure if what made the dog acted that way. Was it instinct? Or was it about his reasoning? Either way, it was a clear manifestation of the dog's affection to his owner. After watching the video, I was given another reason to appreciate and love dogs even more. What he did was incredible. You could actually see how eager he was to save the owner's life.

Watch the incredible video!


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Heartbroken Father Speaks Up Against Stepdaughter’s Racist Bullies.

What a great dad! Justice has been served…


Racial inequality is rampant in many countries around the world. Racism, a belief that one race is superior than the other also contributes to various suicidal tendencies and deaths of innocent people. It has been a major issue in the United States since the colonial and slave era.

Brad Knudson, a Minnesota native has an adopted daughter who has been bullied by her peers because of her African American race. Being the protective father that he is, Brad and his wife decided to put an end to this.

He found out that his daughter Dee Dee has received racist Snapchat videos containing some profane words about her. Brad then recorded the fourth video and decided to file a police report about the incident. He also tried to talk to the parents of these kids but to no avail. He was able to reach the father over the phone yet all he has were some harsh words for Brad saying "You're a n***** lover."...

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A Family Moved Away, Leaving this Poor Dog Behind. How She was Rescued Brought Me to Tears!

She was abandoned. But thanks to this people for giving her another wonderful life.


If my house is burning, the first thing that comes to mind would be saving my dog. That's why I don't understand how a family from California moved away from their house but left their dog behind.

Fortunately, there were concerned citizens who occasionally look for the dog. When the animal rescuers found out about it, they immediately went to the area where the dog resides. Eventually, the poor canine was rescued. She was stinky and infested with fleas. But with the help of the rescuers she was brought to the vet and was instantly treated.

The dog is now cheerful, energetic and quite very happy. But that is not the best part about the rescue. Watch the video and see how the rescuers help the dog gives back her life again....

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