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Cool Priest Rides a Hoverboard While Giving his Sermon





Technology in this modern age is just plain amazing. Gadgets and high-tech equipment that we just imagined as part of science fiction twenty-some years ago are actually existing and functional today. Take the hoverboard, for instance.

The hoverboard was one of the gadgets featured in the wildly popular movie franchise Back to the Future. What was then a theoretical gadget in the future actually can be seen today, being used by digital natives and digital immigrants alike. Typically, hoverboards can be seen in the streets being maneuvered by millennials, but this video shows a rather unconventional way of using it.

In this video posted in Youtube, a Catholic priest can be seen riding the hoverboard during his sermon. Yes, you read it right. A priest. In a hoverboard. The priest was filmed doing his sermon while going around the church and addressing the whole congregation. Such a stealthy and unconventional, but rather ingenious, way of making sure his message gets across to everyone.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

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It seems like he was having a great time, though.

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