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Cool Priest Rides a Hoverboard While Giving his Sermon

It seems like he was having a great time riding the hoverboard.

Ann Nuñez





Technology in this modern age is just plain amazing. Gadgets and high-tech equipment that we just imagined as part of science fiction twenty-some years ago are actually existing and functional today. Take the hoverboard, for instance.

The hoverboard was one of the gadgets featured in the wildly popular movie franchise Back to the Future. What was then a theoretical gadget in the future actually can be seen today, being used by digital natives and digital immigrants alike. Typically, hoverboards can be seen in the streets being maneuvered by millennials, but this video shows a rather unconventional way of using it.

In this video posted in Youtube, a Catholic priest can be seen riding the hoverboard during his sermon. Yes, you read it right. A priest. In a hoverboard. The priest was filmed doing his sermon while going around the church and addressing the whole congregation. Such a stealthy and unconventional, but rather ingenious, way of making sure his message gets across to everyone.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

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It seems like he was having a great time, though.

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Huge Spider Found on Chowking’s Special Vegetable Dish

Would you like a side order of insect on your vegetables?

Mika Castro



It is not only China who can be notorious with food safety issues. Turns out, even commercialized and big fast food chains in the Philippines can commit this food blunder too. A Facebook post by a pregnant lady discovering some insect on her vegetable dish has gone viral. She allegedly bought a boiled vegetable dish with special sauce called Kangkong in the restaurant Chowking. The woman reportedly ordered the vegetables and was surprised to see something dangling in the leaves.


Chowking is a Filipino fastfood that specializes in Chinese food such as noodles, dim sum, and rice toppings. The restaurant chain has more than 400 branches all over the Philippines, mostly in major shopping malls. It is among the biggest in the country as it is a sister company to another Philippine fast food giant, Jollibee Foods Corporation.

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Boston Dynamics Releases Video of Sleigh-Pulling Robots. Seriously, They’re Kinda Creepy!

Not really sure if it would be fun to ride on this sleigh…

Mark Andrew



This video below simply gives me the creeps.

Frankly, it looks like a post-apocalyptic Christmas scenario to me. Santa Claus has been replaced by a woman and the reindeer on the sleigh are, well, not animals but robots.

And they’re pretty scary, to say the least.

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People Built Shrine, Held Funeral for Dead Cockroach Someone Forgot to Clean Up

Who knew a cockroach can induce unity and love too? Or was it just the Anthropology department’s social experiment?

Mika Castro



Normally, most of us would scamper away in fear, shriek our hearts out or go into genocide mode when we see a cockroach. These critters have earned such disdain and disgust from us humans, that who would actually give a dead cockroach a funeral right? Well apparently, the Anthropology department and a couple of students from Texas A&M University.

On December 3, Associate Professor Michael Alvard of the university's Anthropology department came across a dead cockroach by the stairwell. The dead roach was even named "Rosie Roach" and was given a little tombstone. Alvard snapped a pic and posted in his Facebook with the words,

“There has been a dead cockroach in the anthropology building’s stairwell for at least two weeks. Some enterprising person has now made her a little shrine,”

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