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Chubby Woman Climbs Stage, Pushes Priest Who Allegedly Ridicules Fat Girls

It happened while he was delivering a sermon in front of 50,000 people.

  • A recent incident in Brazil shows a woman rushing and pushing Brazilian priest Marcelo Rossi during his sermon.
  • Despite falling off the stage, Rossi sustained no serious injuries and has no plans of filing any charges.

One woman recently gained viral attention on the internet after she got up a stage and pushed a priest. It all happened in front of a huge crowd during a youth retreat mass in Brazil.

The bizarre incident was captured on camera and numerous netizens have since shared it on social media. Now some people are even claiming that the priest actually declared that “fat women cannot go to heaven,” which possibly triggered the woman’s anger.

No one saw this coming! A woman rushed on stage and pushed Father Marcelo Rossi in the middle of his sermon.

The mass in Cachoeira Paulista had a massive congregation of 50,000. The priest, Father Marcelo Rossi, was delivering a sermon when the attacker suddenly appeared out of nowhere and shoved him.

The violent act caused the priest to fall off the stage.

According to reports, the woman, whose identity and real motive still remains unknown at this moment, was attending the mass with a group from Rio de Janeiro. She was immediately brought to the police because of what she did.

The camera also captured the reaction of the shocked audience.

Rossi, on the other hand, did not sustain any serious injuries because of what happened. He eventually posted a video of his own to address the issue and tell the public that he is “all right. Just a few little pains. It’s normal, there is no problem. Did not break anything.”

Meanwhile, some of the woman’s companions told the cops that the 32-year-old actually has some mental health problems.

You can watch the viral video here:

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Father Rossi is a popular priest in Brazil. In the past, he has blasted gays, linking homosexuality to mental illness and has openly expressed opposition against same gender marriage.


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