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Filipino Priests Are Using Crosses and Holy Water to “Exorcise” COVID-19

“There’s something evil in this coronavirus disease. That’s the work of the devil.”

  • Catholic priests in the Philippines are going out to fight coronavirus using crosses, holy water and holy salt.
  • Father Eduardo Carino Vasquez Jr of Caloocan, Manila said there is “something evil” in this disease, even calling it as “the work of the devil.”

Like most countries, the Philippines has implemented a strict lockdown to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Many businesses and establishments have since been closed down.

Of course, the churches are among those affected by the orders as large gatherings have been prohibited by authorities. Some Catholic priests, however, did not sit around and still went out so they can “minister” to their people during the crisis.

In a BBC report, we meet Father Eduardo Carino Vasquez Jr of Shrine of our Lady of Grace in Caloocan, Metro Manila. With his companions, he often goes out to attend to the different demands of churchgoers.

“The church must be felt in this present situation,” Father Vasquez emphasized.

So every day, clad in PPE clothing, face masks and face shields, they grant requests for prayers and blessings for the deceased, among others, as they serve poverty-stricken areas. And of course, they always have their special tools ready for the job.

“The holy water and the holy salt are used for healing and purification. And we use these for exorcism,” the priest explained. “There’s something evil in this coronavirus disease. That’s the work of the devil.”

You can watch the BBC feature here:

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Not surprisingly, the video has since attracted mixed reactions from netizens. While others praised the priests for risking their lives for others, there are also those who criticized them for “doing more harm than good.”

One commented:

“Holy water and crosses against a virus? Oh great!”

Another asked:

“If they believe the holy water will protect people then why are they wearing PPEs?”


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