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Cool and Unconventional Gift Wrapping Ideas That Will Come in Handy this Christmas!

Wrapping presents have never been this fun.


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” this is true, especially for all the kids who are excited to open those boxes underneath their Christmas trees. The truth is, most of them are more eager to see what you’ve got hidden in the box to care about the cute little snowflakes, elves, and Santa prints on those gift wrappers. However, some of us must admit that elegantly wrapped presents make what’s inside them appear more special.

Wrapping each and every present can be a tedious task. Yet, some of us can’t bear to simply put them in a brown paper bag, right?

So, to save yourself from boredom and, at the same time, make your presents stand out from the rest, here are a few cool and interesting ideas to help you enjoy the process. All you need are some unconventional paper and a printer to create unique and timeless gift wrappers.

Wouldn’t it be fun to lead someone into thinking you got them this for Christmas?


Photo credit: zannrael
Let’s see…what can you do with a yellow paper?


Photo credit: zannrael
I guess now you already have an idea.


Photo credit: zannrael
Doesn’t t look cute?


Photo credit: zannrael
If you need to wrap a book or anything squarish, try this…


Photo credit: zannrael
With a printout of a steak and a styrofoam plate, you’ll have something like this…


Photo credit: zannrael
Wrap, label, and viola! You got one just like at the grocery store!


Photo credit: zannrael
Butcher paper and twine can also work wonders, apparently.


Photo credit: zannrael
Just don’t forget to add the label.


Photo credit: zannrael
This is my personal favorite.


Photo credit: zannrael
Don’t forget to tell them NOT to put this inside the fridge though.


Photo credit: zannrael
For this, all you need is a large foil…


Photo credit: zannrael
And a printout of your favorite chocolate bar!


Photo credit: zannrael
If you need to wrap something small and irregularly shaped, this might do…


Photo credit: zannrael


Photo credit: zannreal
Again, wrap it in clear plastic for that realistic effect.


Photo credit: zannrael
‘Care for a box of donuts?


Photo credit: zannrael


Photo credit: zannrael
What can we do with black paper?


Photo credit: zannrael


Photo credit: zannrael
Sushi lovers will fall for this one.


Photo credit: zannrael
Now, it’s okay to put them in all paper bag.


Photo credit: zannrael


Photo credit: zannrael

Which one is your favorite?

We’re sure that you have great ideas of your own, so don’t forget to share them with us.


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