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Conjoined Twins from India Fell in Love for the First Time… With the Same Man.

They never expect that they’d fall in love with the same man.


Some people say that twins share a deeper connection in comparison with ordinary siblings. I’ve also heard people say that in some cases, twins simultaneously think of the exact, same thing; sometimes, they even feel what the other is feeling despite being apart. What more with conjoined twins?

Conjoined twins share the same body and at times, the same organs, depending on the type of their fusion. But still, they are two different people who have different personalities, thoughts, and desires. They often face difficulties due to physical restrictions, and, of course, from other people’s judgments.

What happens then if they fall in love or if they wish to marry? What if the other person doesn’t like who the other twin loves? Or what if they both get rejected because of their condition? Should they just give up on love?

Seems problematic, right? That is why I find the story of Ganga and Jamuna Mondal, the 46-year old parapagus conjoined twins from India, quite exceptional.

Meet Ganga and Jamuna Mondal, conjoined twins from India.


Photo credit: The Trent

The sisters came from a poor family who lives near Kolkata, West Bengal. Their parents regarded them as a sign of ‘God’s wrath’ and had abandoned them when they reached their teens. They have never been educated, so they decided to join a traveling circus to survive.

The twin sisters were abandoned by their parents and were constantly rejected by other people.


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Ganga and Jamuna, also known as the ‘Spider Sisters’, each have a chest and a separate set of arms, but their bodies are fused at the abdomen and waist; thus, they share one pair of legs.

Ganga and Jamuna finally found someone who accepts them. “It was love at first sight.”


Photo credit: Mirror

Then they met Jasimuddin Ahmad, a 37-year-old kind-hearted school teacher who worked part-time as a sound engineer in the circus where the twins work for. He said that he felt the same way as the twins had when he first met them.

Being single all of their lives and coming from years of rejection due to their bizarre appearance, the sisters were shocked to learn about his feelings. This nice man said that he has considered the sisters’ pain as his own since they first met. (Continue reading next page…)


She Recorded Her Teacher Bullying a Student. Guess Who Was Suspended Thereafter!

She thought she was doing the right thing, but unfortunately, it backfired on her!

Schools are meant to teach the young, to nurture their talents, and to instill values and right conduct. But what if some teachers go overboard and the students come out to speak up? It is not very common for young students to take a stand and report abusive teachers to higher authorities, but for Brianna Cooper, it is but appropriate.

Brianna is an eleven year old fifth grader, who recorded a video of one of her teachers harassing a classmate. She believes that the teacher bullied her classmate by threatening and saying inappropriate words in front of the class. She also said that this is not the first time that the teacher had done the same act.

Brianna just could not take it anymore and wanted to report the incident, but she knows that no one will believe a student over a teacher. So, she took out her cell phone and recorded the entire event.

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Meet the World’s Biggest Rabbit and His Giant Rival… His Own Son!

The world’s largest rabbit is about to be outgrown by his son!


Weighing 22.2 kg and measuring 4ft 4in or 1.3m, Darius, a member of the Continental Giant breed, is considered the world’s largest rabbit. However, he may soon give up his title since his son Jeff, who already measures 3ft 8in, still has 6 months left to grow.

According to Annette Edwards, the owner of the giant rabbits from Bromsgrove, she spends around £5,000 a year for her pets’ food as they consume about 2,000 carrots and 700 apples annually. In addition, the rabbits get to eat specialist rabbit food everyday and a bale of hay a week.

Since the rabbits are very big, they each sleep in a dog crate that normally houses a German Shepherd.

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Man Snorkeling In The Maldives Spotted a Very Disturbing Fish.

This is just bizarre… how is that even possible?

Many breathtaking, extreme and scary things can be found underwater-- sharks, fishes, lost artifacts, sunken ships, underwater restaurant and whatnot. This fish being one of them is by far the strangest I have ever seen.

While snorkeling in the Maldives, a tourist came across a very unusual fish. It was almost unrecognizable at first yet upon looking closely, he noticed that it was a fish. Unfortunately, its entire body was missing yet it's still alive. For some unknown reason, it can still swim like nothing really happened.

It is believed that the fish has been caught and gutted by a local fisherman where its head is separated from its body. The fish could have died instantly but this one seems to be fighting for its life.

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