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Company Is Hiring Someone To Party And Travel For $26,000 A Year





Are you looking for work? A company is looking for the perfect candidate for a job post that’s truly irresistible.

A Brighton-based company, HenHeaven, launched a global hunt for someone to join its international team. The perks? The company offers a staggering $26,000 (£21,000) salary a year to someone who will travel around the world, host the biggest parties, and just enjoy life.

The job post, a Head Vlogger, is responsible for making hen dos (parties) as fun as possible.

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The candidate is expected to take videos and document various activities and parties across the globe – from pool parties in Las Vegas to street parties in Mardi Gras.

You need to cover events, festivals and parties around the world.

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The company, however, is looking for someone who’s incredibly confident and enthusiastic in front of the camera. The candidate should be ready to travel and take on trips of various events across the globe, including the Guinness tour in Dublin and the Buso Festival in Hungary.

HenHeaven said they're not looking for someone who's experienced. All they want is someone with a character who the viewers will love.

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The perfect candidate should be able to make the audience laugh and enjoy the videos. The work entails a 37.5-hour work week, the Metro reports.

You need to take photos and videos of the events.

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How about editing the videos? Do not worry, the company has its video editor, so all you have to do is to party, take videos of the experience and enjoy the trips to the fullest.

Are you interested in applying? Send a video to HenHeaven through WeTransfer. Don’t forget to attach your CV and send it to video should not be longer than two minutes, saying why you’re the perfect candidate for the role.

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