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6 Common Foods That Are Making Digestion Difficult For Your Body

#2 is a complete surprise!

Nobelle Borines





People probably don’t think too much about the food that they consume. However, there are several common foods that we eat every day that could be making digestion difficult. Although these treats are known for their health benefits, they could also be hard to digest.

It’s easy to assume that sugary snacks are the bad guys. On the other hand, most of the healthy foods that make up our regular diet can also wreak havoc on our body’s digestive process. Some of these items can’t even be absorbed or digested at all. Here are common foods that are making digestion difficult for your body.

#1. Junk Food

That’s not a big surprise at all. Highly processed food like potato chips and breakfast cereal contain additives that can lengthen their shelf life.

Unfortunately, most of these chemicals are indigestible and could irritate your gut lining. Remember that when you reach for candies later.

#2. Fiber

Here’s something that will surprise everyone. The fiber in oats, whole grains, fruits, beans, and rice are also indigestible. However, it is an important part of digestive health.

According to experts, both insoluble and soluble fiber are important to the body. The insoluble fiber promotes healthy gut bacteria while soluble fiber is good for your heart.

#3. Dairy Products

There’s a reason why most people are lactose-intolerant. Many of us lack the enzyme that digests lactose in milk and other dairy products.

Luckily, there’s a way to still enjoy dairy without harming your gut. Aged cheese and yogurts contain bacteria that eat sugars and help in their digestion.

#4. Artificial Sweeteners

They might be your go-to alternative for sugar but artificial sweeteners can’t be fully absorbed by the body. Although it’s a great way to avoid calories, aspartame could have a negative effect on digestion.

#5. Corn

There’s a good reason why corn always comes out intact after we eat it. The kernels contain cellulose that requires a particular enzyme to be digested. Since humans lack this enzyme, corn passes through our digestive system without much change.

#6. Bell Peppers

The flesh itself is easy to digest. However, the outer skin can be too tough and fibrous for digestion. It might even lead to stomach pains so it’s best to remove the skin before adding peppers to your dishes.


Bride Asks Married Friends To Wear Their Bridal Gowns To Her Wedding

“It was like watching a group of princesses come to life!”

Nobelle Borines



It's usually easy to spot the bride at a wedding since she would be the one wearing a gorgeous white gown. However, one woman decided to share the spotlight with her married friends. The generous lady asked the married women who were attending the event to wear their own bridal dresses to the momentous occasion.

Audrey Moore says she is one of the final women to actually get married in her friendship group. To celebrate her union with Jesse Lumen, Audrey wanted her friends to look gorgeous as well. Interestingly, the blushing bride had an unusual request for her friends and the resulting photos are truly amazing.

Audrey wanted to see her friends wearing their bridal dresses to her wedding.

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Ja Rule Reportedly Reveals Plans For Fyre Festival 2

What’s the worst that could happen, right?

Nobelle Borines



There is little doubt that Fyre Festival was one of the biggest social media fails of all time. The event that was meant to be a luxurious getaway in the Bahamas turned into a disastrous weekend for hundreds of people as they were stranded on the island of Exuma. So what are the chances that this could happen again? Well surprise, surprise! Co-founder Ja Rule admits there are already plans for Fyre Festival 2.

Things certainly got crazy during the first Fyre Festival. Although attendees were promised luxurious accommodations, authentic island cuisine, and private concerts, they found themselves having to sleep in tents, eating cheese sandwiches with no artists performing at the site. The whole incident was truly a nightmare but Ja Rule seems to be intent on giving it another try.

Fyre Festival Expectations ...

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17 Times Terry Crews Proved He’s The Coolest Human Being

I can watch #8 whole day.




Terry Crews is basically a household name at this point. He’s a man who's known for Old Spice commercials and being the rough and tough guy that no one wants to mess with.

Aside from being a genuine standup guy who looks as good as he does, he's also a funny comedic actor. As it turns out, he’s just as entertaining off the set.

Here are 17 times Terry Crews proved he’s the coolest human being:

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