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This Girl’s Corn-on-the-cob Eating Trick Goes Horribly Wrong

Someone’s having a bad hair day.


The internet is truly a treasure trove of weird videos and ideas. Some videos are funny, but some make us wonder and question the decision-making skills of the featured individuals. Case in point: this video of a woman who attempted to eat a corn on the cob attached to a drill.

It was the perfect recipe for disaster – a seemingly daft girl, an obtuse accomplice, and a poor and spur-of-the-moment life decision. The 17-second short clip, which was uploaded on Youtube, showed an Asian girl attempting to eat a corn-on-the-cob by just opening her mouth and biting down on the corn while the drill rotated it for her. However, what she didn’t realize was there’s going to be a plot twist – what she thought was a brilliant trick turned out into a hair emergency.

Watch the video below to see what happened:

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Well, at least now she knows it doesn’t work. We have to give credit to her for pushing through with it and remaining calm afterward, though.

Source: Youtube/Viral Stars


These Incredibly Realistic Cakes Will Have You Reaching for More Or Puking Your Guts Out

…and its an enjoyable hobby for this amazingly talented woman!

There are cakes and there are cakes...and there are delectable confections that are so astonishingly realistic, you'll actually do several double takes to make sure they're for real.

Katherine Dey is a nurse from upstate New York who has turned her spectacular sense of detail into eerily terrifying cakes that are as meticulous as they are ridiculous.

Behind that pretty face lies the brain of a freakily creative genius

cake 7

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25 Genius Kids With Brilliantly Hilarious Test Answers

These kids will go somewhere!

Some kids these days are so smart, you’d be surprised with their thinking. Case in point, me and my 3-year-old son were reading a Peter Pan book one day and then we reached the part where The Lost Boys were introduced. My boy suddenly asked, “Why are they lost?” I casually answered “No, they’re not lost. That’s just their group’s name.” I, however, had to hold my laughter the rest of the time as I realized how ridiculous and funny his question was.

Such demonstration of young wit isn’t very uncommon nowdays. In fact, the compilation below will show you how smart and hilarious some kids can get.

Scroll down and have a good chuckle!

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Thieves Steal Mobile Phone And Gets The Most Shocking Revenge!

These greedy people certainly got what they deserve!

What would you do if you found a mobile phone just lying on the streets with the identification of the owner clearly obvious?

The test of true integrity is to do the right things even if no one is watching. That being the said, how many are still genuinely good persons?

In this social experiment we found, a team left a mobile phone in a public place with the owner sleeping next to his gadget. Unfortunately, some let their evil selves took over and steal the phone.

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