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This Girl’s Corn-on-the-cob Eating Trick Goes Horribly Wrong





The internet is truly a treasure trove of weird videos and ideas. Some videos are funny, but some make us wonder and question the decision-making skills of the featured individuals. Case in point: this video of a woman who attempted to eat a corn on the cob attached to a drill.

It was the perfect recipe for disaster – a seemingly daft girl, an obtuse accomplice, and a poor and spur-of-the-moment life decision. The 17-second short clip, which was uploaded on Youtube, showed an Asian girl attempting to eat a corn-on-the-cob by just opening her mouth and biting down on the corn while the drill rotated it for her. However, what she didn’t realize was there’s going to be a plot twist – what she thought was a brilliant trick turned out into a hair emergency.

Watch the video below to see what happened:

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Well, at least now she knows it doesn’t work. We have to give credit to her for pushing through with it and remaining calm afterward, though.

Source: Youtube/Viral Stars

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