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‘Captain America’ Star Chris Evans Proves Chivalry Exists At Oscars, Wins The Internet

A true gentleman and the only true Captain America!


Chris Evans has already captured the hearts of millions with his portrayal of Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. However, the real Captain America has proven once again that he is an all-around good guy. Evans attended the 91st Academy Awards and proved to the world that chivalry is not dead.

The Avengers: Endgame star was at the Oscars to present the Achievement in Production Design award. However, this wasn’t the reason why Chris Evans turned heads at the event. When Regina King was announced as the Best Supporting Actress, the If Beale Street Could Talk star had some trouble with the skirt of her gown. Evans immediately swooped in, offered an arm, and escorted King up the stairs.

Watch Chris Evans act like a true gentleman at the Oscars.

It was the act of a true gentleman and the internet immediately exploded with love for Chris Evans. Some stated that the Captain America star proved that chivalry is not dead while others applauded him for being the Best Support for an Actress.

The move may have made Evans one of the highlights of the evening but others felt that people were overreacting. A few netizens pointed out that the simple gesture was hardly worth all the hype.

The mixed reactions certainly confirmed that you can’t please everybody. Nevertheless, Evans has once again proven that he’s a good guy in real life.

Escorting Regina King so she can receive her award wasn’t the only adorable thing that Chris Evans did at the Oscars. He also proved that he’s loyal to the Marvel family when he finally took the stage.

Evans joined Jennifer Lopez to present the award for Achievement in Production Design. When Lopez opened the envelope and Evans saw that Black Panther had won, he celebrated the win immediately.

See Evans celebrate Black Panther’s win at the Oscars.


Chris Hemsworth To Portray Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan In New Netflix Movie

From God of Thunder to a legendary wrestler!

It looks like the God of Thunder is setting his sights into the world of wrestling! According to recent reports, Chris Hemsworth has just been tapped to play wrestling legend Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic.

Best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Australian actor has since appeared in several films Snow White and the Huntsman, Red Dawn, and Rush. Now he's going to star in his own Netflix movie as the iconic wrestler.

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Freddie Mercury Loved Cats, These Photos Prove He Treated Them Like His Children

These adorable pictures will make you love the Queen frontman even more!

We already have plenty of reasons to love Freddie Mercury. The legendary Queen frontman blessed us with his electrifying stage presence, astounding voice, and gorgeous songwriting. Interestingly, it turns out that Freddie was a true cat lover and actually treated his beloved felines like his children.

Freddie Mercury fell in love with cats in the 1970s when his then-girlfriend Mary Austin brought home a pair of kitties. Freddie grew attached to the kittens, who were named Tom and Jerry, and it didn't stop there. The rock star went on to adopt more felines who became his family.

Freddie took in several cats, some of which were from animal centers.

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Hugh Jackman Achieves Guinness World Record For 16-Year Career As Wolverine

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be in the Guinness Book of Records.”

If there's one role that will always be synonymous with Hugh Jackman's name, it has to be Wolverine. Besides, the actor played the character for multiple X-Men movies and so even if he has since taken various roles in other successful films, most fans still associate him with the Marvel superhero.

Now Guinness World Record has likewise recognized the Australian actor's achievement by awarding him for his impressive 16-year run as Wolverine, starring in the X-Men series of films since the year 2000. Although he has since retired from playing the character since 2017, Guinness didn't miss the chance to acknowledge the feat.

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