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Chinese Woman Throws Coins at the Plane’s Engine for “Good Luck”, Delays Flight

The other passengers must have been mighty pissed.


Some people believe in superstitions and those of us who don’t should respect that. We are entitled to our own beliefs and if some find comfort in old practices, we don’t have the right to sway them from it. But when these superstitions become the cause of hassle and safety of other people, this is when we should draw the line.

An elderly female passenger caused a massive delay in a China Southern Airlines flight because of something she did for “good luck”; she threw coins at the plane’s engine! She disposed nine coins and only one of them landed on the engine, but it was enough for the airline to delay the flight and evacuate its 150 passengers.

The delay lasted several hours.

According to the report, A passenger reportedly noticed the bizarre behavior of the 80-year old woman and alerted the authorities. This prompted the police to head to the Shanghai Pudong International Airport to check on it.

The woman was later taken away for questioning by the police. She was travelling with her husband, her daughter, and her son-in-law. She reportedly prayed for safety as she was launching the coins and targeting the plane’s engine.

“In order to make sure the flight is safe, China Southern maintenance has conducted a full examination of the plane’s engine,” the airline said in a statement.

The police collected the coins which amounted to 1.7 yuan.

“After an investigation the involved passenger, surnamed Qiu, said she threw the coins to pray for safety. According to Qiu’s neighbour, Qiu believes in Buddhism,” the police said.

The woman’s action resulted to a five-hour delay for the flight. Fortunately, the plane arrived safely in Ghuangzhou.

The incident prompted China Southern Airlines to remind passengers of the importance of complying with civil aviation laws and regulations. They urge passengers not to engage in behavior that can compromise the safety of those onboard during flights.


Colombian Drug Smugglers Built Military-Type Stealth Boat to Deliver Drugs Undetected

According to authorities, the vessel is low-profile, fast, and very hard to detect.

Drug smugglers are really becoming a little too clever these days. Remember that news report where we told you of how some dealers are using in Kuwait pigeons to deliver their illegal goods? Well, it looks like things are a bit more elaborate and high-tech for Colombian drug smugglers.

In a post by PopularMechanics, we learn that Guatemalan police recently found an “odd watercraft” that utilizes the same hull technology as military vessels called Very Slender Vessels (VSVs).

Apparently, this stealth boat has been used by smugglers to deliver drugs undetected.

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NASA’s Kepler Mission Spotted Over 200 New Planets, 10 Of Which Are In The Habitable Zone

One of the ten planets has almost the same size as Earth.

NASA has announced that their Kepler mission has discovered over 200 exoplanets. Ten of the planets, which have the same size as Earth, are found within the habitable zone, which means it could support life.

The space agency’s Ames Research Center revealed in a recent press briefing that there is now a total of 4,034 potential planets in the galaxy. Scientists said that Kepler missions have, so far, verified more than 2,300 of them as exoplanets -- planets that exist outside of our own solar system. The Kepler spacecraft revealed exactly 219 new planet candidates.

The habitable zone or the “Goldilocks Zone” represents an area in which a planet possesses characteristics that can support life. Planets in this range have the right temperature and offer liquid water at the surface.

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Mother Saves Family from Grenfell Tower Fire by Flooding the Bathroom

“I let the bathroom flood. It kept the flat damp. It may have saved our lives.”

This is the scary moment when a mother with her daughter and boyfriend gets trapped on the 11th floor of the burning building. Fortunately, they were able to buy time by flooding the bathroom. They were eventually rescued to safety because of that.

The incident happened during the Grenfell Tower fire in London. Natasha Elcock, 39 years old, was trapped on the building's 11th floor when the fire began to rage. She was with her 6-year-old daughter and boyfriend at the time.

"Following fire advice on notices in their flat to stay put," a Metro report tells us, "the family remained inside." Unfortunately, smoke began to engulf their home and so Natasha decided "to flood the bathroom so their flat would remain damp", hoping that it would help buy them time.

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