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6 Potent Love Spells From Around The World

Hey, why not? You have nothing to lose.

It’s Valentine’s month and as much as you may disdain the thought of succumbing to the pressure to find a romantic interest even for just a day or two, you couldn’t deny that a lot of people will still try their darnedest to find love.

If you are one of these people and you’re willing to do anything just to attract Cupid in your direction, you might want to give the spell books a try. Hey, why not? You have nothing to lose.

Stay away from brooms when in Haiti

They believe that when your feet makes contact with the bristles of a broom, you will never the chance to be swept of your feet by the man (or woman) of your dreams.

Hide coins in your shoes when in Sweden


It’s a superstitious belief there that parents should place coins in the shoes of the bride to ensure a loving and successful union. The left shoe should have a silver coin from the father while her right shoe should have a gold coin from her mother.

Also, watch your step

So in Sweden, the streets are marked with the letters “A” and “K”. “A” means sewage while “K” means clean water. You must avoid the “A” markings because it means you’re out of luck while “K” means you’re golden.

Eat more salted bread when in Armenia

Single ladies looking for love are advised to eat salted bread during the celebration of the feast of St. Sargis, the patron saint of love. Locals believe that the man of your dreams will appear in your dreams to offer you water, as a way for you to hydrate from consuming all that salt.

Give an odd number of flowers while in Russia

Men who plan to give flowers to a girl must do so in odd numbers, which signifies respect and admiration. Even amount of flowers is reserved for funerals, which makes it associated with bad luck.

Also, always sit in the middle

While it’s certainly tempting to stay away from couples as much as possible, Russian superstition says you should do the opposite and actually sit in the middle of a couple. Hiding in a corner says you won’t marry for seven years. It’s a throwback from a centuries-old belief when unmarried women are forced to sit far away from the crowd.

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