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Chinese Couple Sold Their Baby Online to Buy an iPhone and a Motorcycle

Parents sold their daughter and thought it was fine!


In China, there are about 20,000 – 200,000 children who are kidnapped per year.

According to a reporter in China’s Southern Metropolis Daily, they have studied court documents and it revealed that 40% of the child trafficking cases were from the children’s biological parents who sold them to strangers.

Their studies disclose that parents commit child trafficking because of the “one child policy” which was implemented in 1980 while some were forced to trade their children because they were experiencing poverty and having more kids will cause them financial burden. Moreover, other parents trade their children just because they wanted to earn money.

Chinese parents sold their 18-day-old daughter online to purchase an iPhone and motorcycle.

Chinese parents sold their 18 day old daughter online to purchase an Iphone and motorcycle.

A couple met at work, they lived together and eventually had an unwanted pregnancy. These young couple were having difficulty with their finances; they cannot provide for their child since they were always short of money and had no stable job. An idea crossed the father’s mind; he grabbed the opportunity to sell his daughter so he can buy the things he desires.

A 19-year-old father named Aduan from Tong’an, China, met a buyer on social media network called QQ. He sold his daughter online for 23,000 Yuan, this is approximately US $3,500 then he used the money to buy an iPhone and a motor vehicle.

The online buyer got the baby for his sister but he later turned himself to the police. The baby is still with the buyer’s sister until such time authorities decide where to place the baby.

Xiao Mei, 19 years old, mother of the baby was reported to have worked at a series of part time jobs. The police began their investigation about this illegal trade however, Xiao Mei left Tong’an after they have sold their daughter to start a new life, but police were able to find her.

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Xiao Mei defended herself to the police and said,

“I myself was adopted, and many people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal.”

According to the Epoch Times, Aduan was charged a 3 year sentence in jail while Xiao Mei received a two and half years suspended sentence.

These are sad realities of life; several children are forcefully being separated from their families. Child trafficking is a rising global problem; poor victims are being deprived of their right to grow up in a family environment. Often times, these children are victims of sexual abuse, child labor and violence.


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