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When this Single Mom was Diagnosed with Cancer, Her Childhood Friend Stepped Up and Did THIS!

That was an extremely moving effort right there! A true friend indeed!

They say you can only know who your true friends are in times of need. Although they may not be present during night outs and happy events, they will surely find a way to be there during our most troubled moments. Take this story for example. Samantha Meitla was recently diagnosed with an aggressive type of uterine cancer. Being a single mom who has to make ends meet for her five children, the road of her life has been rocky, particularly when she was diagnosed with her disease.

Gladly, a childhood friend came to the rescue. Elaine Schwartz first found out about Samantha’s condition on Facebook and she said she instantly felt her heart drop to her stomach upon learning the news. She feared for Samantha and her children and so she thought of ways to lessen the stress and make their lives bearable.

Watch the the video feature here:

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Credits: CNN via The San Francisco Globe


All I Need to Know About Love, I Learned From This 12-Ingredient Recipe.

Committing to a relationship and actually picking out the bigger slice of the cake of love puts love in a totally different tune. Thanks to the love gurus, here is a quick recipe for one’s delight.

Finding love is easy. Keeping it is the tricky part. Out of 7.3 billion people, who would ever believe of the 50-50 rare chance of meeting THE one for you? Who knows, she may be sitting right next to you at this very moment? Or maybe, it's the guy with the glasses who always ride the same bus every morning? Perhaps the pretty lass who never fails to smile right back to you every time your eyes meet? No matter who, what, when, where, why and how, cupid is always up on his toes. All we need to do is to grab it. However, although many seem to think that finding love is as easy as one, two, three, many disregard the next big question—what happens next after finding THE ONE?

Many call it the compatibility test, some call it destiny. Nevertheless, you label the kind of relationship you have with your significant other, committing to a relationship and actually picking out the bigger slice of the cake of love puts love in a totally different tune. Thanks to the love gurus, here is a quick recipe that will surely be of everyone’s delight.

¾ cup of honesty


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Breast Cancer Survivors Cover Their Scars With Beautiful Skin Art

Artistic tattoos help breast cancer survivors fight the negative psychological and emotional effects of surgery.


Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer that affects women worldwide. In 2012, there were approximately 1.7 million newly diagnosed cases of breast cancer. The World Health Organization estimated that 521,000 people succumbed to this fatal disease that same year.

Various treatment options are offered to women who have breast cancer. Chemotherapy and/ or surgeries may be advised depending on the size of the tumor and the extent of the disease. For patients who require surgery, the surgeon may perform a lumpectomy wherein only the tumor inside the breast is excised, or a total mastectomy to remove the entire breast. These procedures may help save lives, but many women experience negative psychological and emotional effects post-surgery including depression, shame, and anxiety.

In the past, reconstructive surgery of the breast was considered an act of vanity; however, the society's view regarding this matter has changed and many women opt to undergo breast reconstruction following mastectomies....

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This Young Man Traveled from Africa to Boston to Help a Severely Burnt Child.

They are not related, but he put his own life on hold to help this badly burnt young boy.


"I don't understand why people are calling me, but I really want to help."

- Alex Gitungano

We hear of stories where strangers do simple, random acts of kindness to help those in need every day. But for someone to put his/her life on hold and travel to a great, foreign country just to care for someone he/she hardly even knows is something far more extraordinary. It takes more than just a kind heart, but a pure, selfless, loving soul....

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