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When this Single Mom was Diagnosed with Cancer, Her Childhood Friend Stepped Up and Did THIS!





They say you can only know who your true friends are in times of need. Although they may not be present during night outs and happy events, they will surely find a way to be there during our most troubled moments. Take this story for example. Samantha Meitla was recently diagnosed with an aggressive type of uterine cancer. Being a single mom who has to make ends meet for her five children, the road of her life has been rocky, particularly when she was diagnosed with her disease.

Gladly, a childhood friend came to the rescue. Elaine Schwartz first found out about Samantha’s condition on Facebook and she said she instantly felt her heart drop to her stomach upon learning the news. She feared for Samantha and her children and so she thought of ways to lessen the stress and make their lives bearable.

Watch the the video feature here:

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Credits: CNN via The San Francisco Globe

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