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See How People Reacted to A Potential Predator Who Tries to Lure a Teenage Girl

Child predator on the radar. Know what to do in situations like this.

Kris Evangelista





“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

This is a famous quote from a famous Irish statesman Edmund Burke. Burke died in the year 1729 and up to this day, his thought about the triumph of evil remains true.

Have you ever had a chance to save somebody you know from danger? This may be easy but will you be brave enough to stand up for someone you do not know?

It will take a lot of courage for a person to stand up to what is right especially when one is not involved in a situation.

Teens today are more liberated. They tend to make decisions that could put them in danger. In Portland, Oregon, a lot of child sex trade cases have been reported. These minors are usually sold for prostitution or forced to strip in front of an audience.

A social experiment was created to see how will people react to a child predator luring an innocent teenager.

a social experiment was created to see how will people react to a child predator luring an innocent teenager.

Young vulnerable girls are being taken by adults who pretend to be nice and fun. Once they get the girl in their place, there the girls will be helpless and be forced to do things.

Given the chance to experience how a child predator is making his way to a minor, what would you do? Watch the video and see the different reactions of the public to this incident.

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Not everyone was able to save the girl despite the fact that they are aware of what is happening. There are those who are silent, some talked to the girl out of it but did not do more to prevent the man from taking the girl and there are those who stood up and fight for the young stranger.

This scenario may happen to your child, sister, friend or anyone you may or may not know. You would definitely not want this to happen to anyone you love. Given the opportunity to save another person, be an angel and do the right thing. Be the kind of a concerned person who acts on a situation. Don’t let hesitation, embarrassment and fear come your way.

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