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15 Characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent People





Before 1995, scientists were puzzled why people with average IQs outdo those with higher numbers. But things changed when science journalist-psychologist Daniel Goleman introduced the principle of measuring emotional intelligence.

Now, it is common knowledge that a person’s emotional quotient (EQ) plays a critical role in a person’s success. In fact, it was recorded that the interesting instance happens 70 percent of the time. Although there is a scientific process of determining a person’s EQ, there is another way you can confirm whether you are emotionally intelligent or not.

1. You have an extensive emotional vocabulary.

People with high emotional quotient have specific words for specific emotions. Instead of simply saying that you feel “bad,” you identify them as accurately as possible by saying you’re “irritable,” “anxious,” or “frustrated.”

2. You are curious about people around you.

Source: HBO

Whether introverted or extroverted, people with high EQ are constantly curious about the people around them. You also tend to care about what other people are going through.

3. You are open to change and constructive criticism.

You have high EQ if you easily accept change and can improve yourself through constructive criticism. You tend to adapt to your environment and, thus, have a better chance at succeeding than those who cannot.

4. You understand your strength and weaknesses.

Source: Medium

People who know and understand the things their good at as well as those they don’t tend to have high emotional intelligence. Some people even go beyond that by accepting what they are made of, rather than feeling envious of others.

5. You pause.


People who are reckless tend to have lower EQ than those who think before they speak or act. Taking the time to pause makes it easier to avoid making promises you cannot keep as well as embarrassing situations easily.

6. You try your hardest to control your thoughts.

Aside from what they do, emotionally intelligent people find the need to control their thoughts to keep your reactions in check.

7. You mean what you say.

Believe it or not, it is challenging to mean what you say every single time. Authenticity, in this sense, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to reveal everything about yourself to everyone. It simply means speaking your thoughts as sincerely as possible.

8. You empathize.

Source: Medium

Empathy is a person’s ability to understand another person’s thoughts and feelings. This makes emotionally intelligent people capable of connecting easily with others.

9. You provide helpful feedback.

Feedback isn’t always welcome, especially if it is in the form of criticism. Even so, people sometimes need to hear the truth from others, so they can change for the better. Emotionally intelligent people can deliver the right message without hurting the other person’s feelings.

10. You praise others.

Aside from criticism, people also need to know if they are doing something right. People with high EQ acknowledge another person’s accomplishments and good deeds, effectively gaining their trust.

11. You let go of mistakes and don’t hold grudges.

Source: Glamour

Grudges make for a poor way of life. Emotionally intelligent people are successful because they hold no grudge and can fully let go of mistakes.

12. You are difficult to offend.

Taking offense means you have a low emotional quotient. Alternatively, people who are difficult to offend tend to have higher EQ as they don’t let inconsequential things bother them. The secret behind this is their open-mindedness and self-confidence.

13. You tend to neutralize toxic people.

People who are considered “toxic” can ruin a regular person’s day just by their presence. However, emotionally intelligent people can effectively neutralize them in a way that they can keep their emotions in check even when they are being daunted.

14. You’re not after perfection.

Perfectionism is something that holds no value for emotionally intelligent people. They understand and accept the fact that no one is perfect, so they love themselves for who they are— flaws and all.

15. You get enough sleep.

The ability to sleep soundly is a good indicator of a person’s emotional intelligence. This is because people who have difficulty falling asleep tend to be the ones who cannot manage stress well. Also, people with high EQ know how lack of sleep can affect their performance and don’t overthink.

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