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Cat With Split-Colored Face Fathers Kittens Who Inherited Each of His Colors

The kids are as beautiful as their stunning daddy!

  • Narnia’s face is split right in the middle with two colors, black and gray.
  • Kittens Phoenix and Prada each got half of their daddy’s striking features.
  • Narnia was previously thought to be a rare type of chimera cat, but until now his DNA is still a mystery to science.

In 2018, a kitten named Narnia captured netizens’ hearts with his unique feature – a face that is split right in the middle with two colors. One side is black and the other is gray. His big blue eyes only made him more adorable.

Now Narnia is all grown up and a father of two undeniably cute kittens! Phoenix and Prada, as the kittens were named, each got half of their daddy’s striking features.

Narnia became a famous internet cat because of his unique coloring and striking features.
Kittens Phoenix has gray fur while Prada is a black beauty with a white patch on his chest, just like the one Narnia has!
Narnia’s owner Stephanie Jimenez says that the handsome dad is doing great and just loves playing with his kittens.

“When Narnia was born I was extremely surprised. I knew immediately that he was exceptional.” But the Narnia grew up so fast and aside from being a full-blown heartthrob, he is now a doting dad!

She added that this is not the first time Narnia has been a parent. Stephanie is a professional cat breeder and she revealed that Narnia has fathered litters several times. His kittens turned out to have different color variations.

Narnia is also daddy to Orfée and Ozanna, which have light brown fur. Roswell inherited his black fur, while Rose got his gray side. Narnia is also father to Phantom and Polaris, who was born with multi-colored hair.

Narnia and the mother of Phoenix and Prada.

Except for Prada and Phoenix, Narnia’s kittens have inherited his striking blue eyes. Stephanie describes his eyes as “very rare, there are only a few cats in the world that are fully colored and have blue eyes. This is a new gene called ‘ice.’”

Narnia lives in Britain but was born in Paris. He was previously thought to be a rare type of chimera cat, but DNA testing proved otherwise.
Tests revealed that Narnia has only one DNA, which until now is still a mystery to science.

What’s more, Narnia will soon become father to another set of kittens, which is expected to be born on the last week of June.


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