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This Video Showing A Cat Kissing a Koi Fish Is Just Too Sweet!





Cats are one of the sweetest pets, right? Unless they’re in a bad disposition, cats are very affectionate. They purr when they see their owners, they play yarn with other cats, and I’ve seen a cat who even became a parent to a puppy. However, there are cats that are just extraordinarily special and affectionate.

One cat by the name of Timo is just absolutely affectionate. Not just to his owner but to the other pets in their home. He specially loves one of the Koi fish that has been his friend since they met three years ago.

Impossible, you may say, but Timo isn’t just a caring cat to this Koi fish. He even greets his friend with a kiss whenever he goes to the backyard pond where his fish friend lives.

Watch their sweet moment in this video:

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