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Amazing 19-Month Old Boy Can Already Read More Than 300 Words





Can you remember the first word you said? Or how many words you could read when you were just a toddler? Obviously not – because probably, you, like many other kids, started reading around the age of four or five years.

The pattern of child development usually dictates that children less than two years of age have yet to learn the skill of reading. We say usual since there is no hard and fast rule that pins this milestone at a certain age; child development occurs at varying rates. Case in point: this 19-month-old toddler named Carter Whiteside of North Carolina.

According to Carter’s mom, LaToya, little Carter started recognizing words at a young age of seven months. He started sounding out the words when he was barely a year old. She decided to document his amazing reading skills – at the age of 19 months, he already knows the alphabet and recognizes the letters when written as words. Allegedly, Carter can already pronounce 300 words and count up to 50. In a video posted by LaToya, Carter can be heard reading words like made, her, and like.

Watch young Carter’s amazing reading skills here:

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Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

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