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These Ridiculous Jeans Are Sold for $168 – And People Are Actually Buying!

Currently, the Extreme Cut Out is already sold out.


Sure, ripped jeans have always been staples in the fashion world – but this is still really, really ridiculous. As recent reports tell us, a company based in Los Angeles has launched their “extreme cut out” jeans and they’ve been selling like hotcakes, so far.

It sounds unbelievable but it’s really happening. CARMAR denim, which tags itself as a “premium denim brand catered to the free-spirited generation of today” sells the product online through their website.

The Extreme Cut Out Pant is priced at $168.

Source: CARMAR

Apparently, the product is being marketed as a relax fit, “high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back,” the description says on the company’s official site.

The Extreme Cut Out is “sicker than your average,” according to CARMAR.

Source: CARMAR

Understandably, netizens have been bashing the item not only for its expensive price tag but mostly because of its absurd design.

One cameron.alexxandria wrote:

“Ok you got to be shitting me . How is this considered jeans? The whole middle is missing! 168 bucks for an outline of pants. No thanks. These better not become a trend.”

Meanwhile, suzy.leonelindner asked:

“Can’t I just go to Goodwill and buy a pair of old jeans for $5 and do the same thing? (not that I’d want to, but still . . .)”

Also, marquette5924 commented:

“RIDICULOUS…I wouldn’t pay a $1.68 for THEM!!!!!!!”

Despite being trashed by netizens, the Extreme Cut Out jean is actually selling pretty well.

Source: CARMAR

Currently, the product is sold out and those who are interested to purchase have to join the wait list.

The Extreme Cut Out is ideal for “those who dare to bare.”

Source: CARMAR

For those who want to learn more, they can go check out the company website or their Instagram account.

As for the rest of us, let’s all just sit back and laugh at this so-called fashion trend.


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