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Brave Couple Gets a Surprise When They Walked Into A Theater Full Of Mean Looking Bikers





Imagine you’re going to the movie house with your significant other, excited to see the latest comedy flick. Armed with a tub of popcorn and tall cups of sodas, you enter the dimly-lit theater with your partner. A quick scan of the theater shows that the people sitting inside the theater – aside from the two of you – are heavily tattooed, big-bodied bikers. What’s more, you’re shocked to find that the only available seats are those right in the middle of the intimidating-looking bikers. What do you do then?

This was exactly the dilemma of innocent couples who unknowingly participated in a set-up prepared by the people behind Carlsberg Beer, a German beer brand. The team filled Kinepolis Cinema in Brussels with 148 scary-looking gentlemen and deliberately left two unoccupied seats in the midst of the bikers, just to see how the couples would react.

Watch the video below:

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