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Canadian Woman Travels To The Philippines To Marry The Guy She Met Online





True love definitely knows no distance, social status, or even race. Although we’ve already seen that demonstrated in many Hollywood movies and romance novels, it’s always most heartwarming when it happens in real life.

Case in point, the beautiful story you will read below is exactly about that. This recently went viral on social media and everyone has since been gushing about the cute couple.

How far would you travel for love?

Source: Danified

According to a blog post by Danified, this Canadian woman traveled all the way to the Philippines just to see her special someone. How did they meet in the first place, you ask? Well, their romance began way back 2009 with “a single friend request on Facebook,” the article said.

Eventually, the girl decided to fly over 8,000 miles to be with her boyfriend.

Source: Danified

The couple finally had the chance to met each other in person two years after their first encounter online. The girl booked a flight to the Philippines and flew to General Santos City in the southern part of the country. During her stay, the couple enjoyed each other’s company and strengthened their relationship.

Eventually, however, their happy moments were cut short as the girl had to return to her homeland.

All the wait was well worth it in the end!

Source: Danified

After a year and a half after her first trip, she came back to the Philippines in 2013 and that’s the time the couple decided to finally tie the knot.

This adorable couple definitely proved that, yes, it is possible to find love online.

Source: Danified

Also, this is a perfect example that having a long distance relationship is not a problem if both are willing to keep in touch and stay loyal to each other.

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