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Cadbury Now Hiring Professional Chocolate Tasters

Your dream job just came true!

First off, a confession – I love Cadbury. I don’t know but there’s something irresistible about it and I couldn’t help myself but always pick up a bar or two whenever I am on a grocery store. It has become a habit really and now my son has picked up on it as well.

If you’re also a Cadbury fan, would you seriously consider it in case they hire you as a chocolate taster?

Seriously! Mondelez International, owner of Cadbury, Oreo, Milka, and other food brands, is looking for someone willing to work as a professional chocolate taster. This means that the qualified applicant will be able to make a living by, yes, consuming those awesome sweets.

The company posted the job opening on LinkedIn and included the key responsibilities you will see below:

Source: cadbury
  • Be able to taste chocolate and cocoa beverage products and give objective and honest feedback.
  • Work within a team of panellists to share opinions and collaborate to reach an agreement on taste.
  • Use a clearly defined vocabulary to describe products and aid in the discrimination between products.
  • Be consistent in the results given.
  • Know the ethical and legal compliance responsibilities of the position; raise questions and concerns when faced with an ethical or compliance issue; apply integrity in all aspects of professional conduct.
According to the company, chocolate tasters help them perfect new products they are about to launch across the world.

Source: cadbury

As for the other requirements, Cadbury made it clear that they want someone with these qualifications:

  • A passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection
  • Honesty when it comes to giving an opinion
  • Eager to try new inventive products
  • A communicative personality to build great relationships with your panel
  • A firm grasp of the English Language
  • The application is open for residents of the United Kingdom and those who are willing to relocate.

Source: cadbury

If you are interested to give this a shot, go check out additional details from their LinkedIn post.


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