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Brazilian Tattoo Artist Can’t Draw But People Are Loving Her Cute Tattoos





A tattoo artist should have impeccable drawing skills. However, a Brazilian artist seems to be getting by although she clearly can’t draw to save her life. In fact, people are coming in droves wanting to get one of her “ugly” yet adorable tattoos.

Helen Fernandes is the first to admit that she can’t really draw. However, that didn’t stop her from opening her own tattoo shop called Malfeitona in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Fernandes specializes in tatuagens peba, which literally translates into “trash tattoos.” But with over 57,000 Instagram followers and regular sessions being scheduled, it’s clear that Fernandes is somehow doing something right.

The tattoos usually look like they were drawn by a child.

Fernandes has been inking people for about three years. However, she says that she’s been interested in arts for much longer.

“I started to draw because my parents were taking me to the church 3 times a week,” she said. “To keep me quiet, they would give me a pen and some paper. But I kept drawing because I liked it.”

Fernandes’ works are usually quirky and funny.

People claim that Fernandes’ works look like they were doodled by a kindergarten student who has never seen a cat before. Needless to say, the tattoos have a certain charm and Fernandes has now gained a cult following.

Fernandes revealed that her career as a tattoo artist truly began with a badly-drawn bat.

“Once upon a time in 2014, I drew a bat to Matheus, a very close person of mine. It had pointy teeth, and Matheus liked it so much, he asked me to tattoo it on him. We planned everything out and I did it. He’s a great pushy person that has always believed in me. Later, my other close friend wanted to get a tattoo of a cat I had drawn. And another friend asked for a dinosaur standing on a planet. I didn’t charge them for it since I had no experience. It was just a friend thing (but following all of the safety requirements),” Fernandes shared.

Since then, Fernandes has created hundreds of her trademark tattoos.

Are you interested in getting some ink from Fernandes? Follow her on Instagram @malfeitona to get some details.

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