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Brave Millionaire Spends 11 Nights on a Brand New Island, Never Trekked Before

Eleven nights alone on a sinking island in the South Pacific Ocean. Can you do it?


There are times when we get bored with our daily routine and work just creeps on our nerves. Thus, once we have the time and the resources, we tend to try something different to escape our humdrum life. For some, their means of escape is travelling. And for the brave few, it’s not the ‘normal travel’, with the hotels, resorts, and all the other tourist stuff.

Meet Ian Stuart, a 65-year-old British millionaire. Ian made his fortune buying and selling luxury yachts but now he’s making headlines for an entirely different reason. Mr. Stewart is the first (and potentially only) person to sleep on the world’s newest island, located more than a thousand miles off the coast of New Zealand.

The new island emerged after an underwater volcanic eruption.


Photo credit: telegraph

The island emerged from the South Pacific five months ago after the Hunga Tonga volcano erupted. The island is said to be unstable and can sink at any moment. The landscape looks kind of bleak. There are no trees so it’s just Ian, the island, and the vast ocean.

The island is said to be unstable and can sink at any moment.


Ian spent 11 days on Hunga Tonga, a small and remote island located 2200 miles from Sydney, Australia. He made history by being the first person to spend the night on the island. And well, he may just probably be the last.

Ian spent 11 days and nights alone on the new island in the South Pacific.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
Ian is the first person to have spent a single night on the youngest island in the world.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
He may also be the last, as experts say that the island is sinking.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
He booked his experience via a travel company that specializes in providing holidays on remote islands.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
Stuart lived on seagull eggs and squid for 11 days.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
Hunga Tonga is located in the South Pacific ocean.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
The island is only five months old.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
Experts believe that the island will soon disappear.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
Stuart does not know how to swim and had no modes of transportation from the island.


Photo credit: Daily Mail

He was connected to a satellite phone throughout his stay, though, which allowed him to contact a safety team in case of an emergency.

A green bud emerges from the island – a sign of life that adds color to the otherwise bleak landscape.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
Stuart did not inform his wife about his whereabouts due to the danger involved.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
Cracks are evident on the island’s surface.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
Watch his epic adventure below:

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On their website, Docastaway notes that Ian requested to be out-of-touch.

“Ian didn’t want us to be on emergency standby at the nearest town and nor did he want us to finish giving him the last instructions on the first day and he tried to kick us out of his island after only a few minutes there.”

There’s no denying that this is one bold man. Sounds cool but scary! Would you try something like this?

If you wanna to become a castaway like Mr Stuart visit


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