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Brave Free Diver Plunges into the Deepest Blue Hole in the World in this Remarkable Video





While there are people who climb the highest mountain just to jump off it, there are those who prefer to go in the opposite direction.

Free divers plunge into the deepest parts of the ocean without any gears to help them breathe. They rely only on their breathing abilities until they could resurface from the water.

As if that isn’t challenging enough, one free diver decided to take on an enormous blue hole in the Bahamas. With nothing but his suit and goggles, world champion free diver Guillaume Nery nose-dived into Dean’s Blue Hole—the deepest underwater sinkhole in the world—and created a spectacular yet terrifying film in 2010.

To date, the video has amassed more than 24 million views on YouTube.

However, as stunning as the footage is, Nery admitted that he did not reach the bottom of the 115 feet wide, 663 feet deep cavern.

“The distance is so far as to make it impossible…This movie is an artistic project, a fiction,” he said.

Nonetheless, it’s an amazing 4:18 clip and not everyone would dare plummet into the great abyss without a breathing apparatus, right?

Watch the incredible video and tell us what you think.

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