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8-Year-Old Boy Hailed As Hero For Bravely Saving His Baby Sister From Massive House Fire





While firefighters are normally hailed as heroes in every fire scene, a very young boy from New Hampshire has shown great bravery in the face of danger as he saved his baby sister from probable death. Staying calm and self-collected, Harrison Holt is now recognized as a little hero by their town fire department.

Last month, the Holt family has been in a tragic incident where a big fire destroyed their home and could have taken lives of some of the members if not for Harrison’s brave act. The family patriarch, John, discovered a fire spreading from their barn to their house. While John was able to immediately call 911 for help, he had to hand the phone over to his 8-year-old son Harrison to try to put off the fire.

Harrison Holt has become a young hero as he bravely stepped through the fire to save his baby sister.

Source: Yahoo
The Holt residence caught fire after John finished mowing their yard.

As John attempted to stop the fire from spreading further, Harrison calmly spoke to the rescue dispatcher while running into the living room to grab 11-month-old baby Marie. After securing his sister, Harrison ran to his younger brother who was already by the oak tree – the family’s designated emergency meeting area – in their front yard.

John witnessed his son’s bravery while trying to run to a safe spot as the fire was already too strong for him to put off. He then told news reporters:

“Harrison was standing next to him [Patrick] and had Marie under one arm and the phone in the other arm.”

John added:

“Both of them were completely calm, especially holding Marie. [Harrison] carries her a lot so he had her wedged under one arm.”

According to ABC News, John, along with his three kids, Harrison, Patrick (5 years old) and Marie, stood by the oak for the next 20 minutes and saw how the fire ate their property. The nearest fire department from their house is still from the next town so their home was nearly reduced to ashes when the firefighters arrived.

Fortunately, nobody got hurt.

Source: CDN

Chief Bud Chapman of the Milan Fire Department learned about Harrison’s story and immediately commended his wise actions saying:

“His actions saved the life of his sister.”

Furthermore, the Milan Fire Department awarded Harrison with a department badge and even initiated him as an honorary firefighter to recognize the young boy’s extraordinary bravery.

John Halt shared the experience to others saying:

“He’s [also] getting a personalized, authentic one so he’s very excited. He’s hoping he can keep both so he can give one to his brother.”

As a father, John feels very proud of his son and hopes their story can serve as an inspiration to others.

Source: Yahoo

He also wishes their family to be an example to others to start setting up family emergency meeting areas and train the youngsters to be alert.

He pointed out:

“When something like this happens you step back and you say, ‘Wow he’s so kind, so considerate, he thinks about everyone else before himself.’”

Harrison and his two younger siblings were safe from the fire as they all stayed calm throughout the incident.

Source: ABC News
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