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This Boy Passed Math After Failing Several Times And This Is What His Father Has To Say.

This Brit student has finally brought home the bacon. And this is what his father has to say.

Let’s face it, someone who has a greater calling in arts and language is fine but someone who does math damn seriously is something else. As experts say, the human body’s capacity is relative to which hemisphere of the brain is much more active.

Thank goodness, the kid who used to fail his math subjects for the nth time finally gets the ultimate reward, and his father’s reaction definitely deserves a standing ovation. No wonder the Netizens are in awe after viewing his epic reaction.

Most parents work 24/7 just to be able to provide for their children’s needs and send them to a better if not the best, schools. As much as they are obliged to fulfill their duties as parents, they cannot conceal their emotions once they sense their children’s accomplishments. For them, this is the only precious reward that they could get out of parenthood, and that is just plain selflessness and contentment.

As the full description of the video states: “[A] year before this video I was at a grade F in maths and in England you need a C (pass) to basically do anything with your life, I’ve never been amazing academically and have struggled throughout school , neither me or my dad or my teachers thought I was going to get my C , I know some of you might be saying , well an c is nothing but for me it was hard to get. please enjoy the video.

Watch the video:

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Well, young man, well done. You finally nailed it. And congratulations to one lucky dad! Cheers!


The Story Of a Man Whose Life Goal is to Build Houses for the Homeless. Truly Remarkable!

He builds miniature houses one after the other for the homeless in West Oakland.

The home is where the heart is, and for some people, their hearts are lurking everywhere. This is because some families do not have a decent place to stay - one that is clean, dry, and comfortable. And for artist, plumber, and construction contractor Gregory Kloehn, it is a real letdown that the society accepts this as something normal and part of an ordinary daily picture.

“Homeless people,” said Kloehn. “They’re not really seen… I don’t want to say as human but almost. I mean, they’re definitely [viewed] lower than second class citizens.”

Kloehn first noticed the impact of the homeless in 2007 when he started to take pictures of dilapidated structures where the homeless in West Oakland settled. He then compiled them into a book called "Homeless Architecture," and whilst in the process of creating his book, he got to know the people in the said neighborhood. He was amazed by the resourcefulness of the people that he decided to channel his own creative construction skills towards making decent homes for these families. He drove around town, looking for scrap materials in dumpsters so he could have something to build houses from. “I really just ripped a page out of the homeless peoples’ book, their own game plan,” says Kloehn....

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Student With Cerebral Palsy Struggle In Gym Class. What His Classmates Did Was Powerful!

No one prompted them to do this but the entire class made an exceptional move to encouraged their disabled classmate!

Children who have disabilities are often discouraged to do anything. Whilst some decide to attend school amidst the high risk of bullying and daily difficulties, some choose to stay at home because their disease would not permit them, or they are simply ashamed of their situation. But this is not the case for an 11-year old boy we found on the Internet.

Matt was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Although it is very difficult, he chose to go to school and exert his best effort in everything he do. Take for example his gym class. The entire class was required to run a 400-meter-race. More than fulfilling class duties, Matt wanted to show that he could keep up with his classmates despite his physical condition.

During the middle of the run, gym teacher John Blaine, saw that Matt was starting to have a hard time running. So he joined Matt for encouragement. Shortly after, the entire class trailed behind them without any instructions. They were there to show support for Matt until he finished the track....

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Plus-Sized Model Confidently Flaunts Her Body As She Redefines The Standards of Beauty.

Her friends thought she was crazy for wanting to become a model despite her weight.


We live in a society where beauty can be simply defined by the person you see on the cover of a fashion magazine. Society dictates that men should have a toned, athletic body; liquid eyes; and a perfect set of teeth while women should either have a voluptuous or skinny body to go along with a flawless, white skin; long, healthy hair; and full, red lips. Anything else other than that is considered a flaw---an imperfection that needs to be corrected. This is why most people who don't fall under that "category" often decide to undergo long, painful hours of cosmetic surgery to lose weight or waste tons of money on pills and creams to hide the dreaded cellulite.

Sadly, some people fail to see beyond a person's body type. No matter how beautiful your face is, (even if you're way prettier than everybody else inside a room) if you don't have the right physique to go with it, people would still criticize and say nasty things about you. They would give unsolicited advice, acrid remarks or worse---they'd bully you into thinking that you're an unattractive, lazy, worthless human being. It's harsh, but it's a reality most overweight and obese people deal with every day.

Tess Holliday, otherwise known as Tess Munster, faced that kind of ordeal. At 17, she was forced to drop out of school due to severe and constant bullying. She was ridiculed for being a plus-sized woman, and her friends didn't take her seriously when she told them that she wanted to become a model. After quitting school, Tess decided to master the art of hairstyling, became a makeup artist, and eventually, a fashion director....

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