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5-Year-Old Boy Hides On Hospital Roof To Avoid Circumcision




  • Circumcision is prevalent in some countries, and kids have to go through it at an early age.
  • One boy in Indonesia, however, decided he doesn’t want it.
  • He fled the clinic and went to the rooftop to avoid getting the procedure.

Circumcision is a common procedure done in Asian countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. It is considered a rite of passage that many young boys have to go through as part of growing up. However, one young boy in Indonesia doesn’t want any of it that he decided to run away and hide.

Come to think of it, you have to be that creative to find the right words to tell a five-year-old boy what circumcision is and what will happen. The unnamed boy may have realized what he’s in for and that’s when he showed his parents that he’s protesting.

The young boy ran from his mother and doctor and gone up to the roof to avoid circumcision.

The boy stayed on the roof of the hospital, where he’s supposed to undergo the operation, for the next couple of hours. It was an amusing yet strange scenario for Dr. Anik Sutari.

According to Dr. Sutari, she has never had a patient react intensely to the news about getting a circumcision. In Indonesia, kids are supposed to get circumcised by the time they’re five. This is a common practice among kids of Muslim families and the country is predominantly Muslim.

In her 20 years of performing circumcision on thousands of kids, Dr. Sutari has never had a child avoid the procedure by running to the rooftop. The doctor and the parents couldn’t do so much for fear that the child might run further and worse, fall from the roof.

Dr. Sutari took a photo of the boy and share it on Facebook.

The parents had sought the help of the kid’s teacher, who is close to him. Eventually, the boy came down after the teacher talked to him calmed him down. And interestingly enough, he even went to the circumcision clinic willingly to get the procedure done.

Sutari said:

‘It’s true… As soon as the teacher comes, with a little persuasion finally the child wants to come down… ‘And even more magical, the child walks himself to the circumcision clinic, and positioned himself for the procedure without being led or forced.’

What a great way to end the crazy day for everyone involved. Sutari added that the child didn’t even make a fuss during the operation. However, the child did get circumcised three hours later than originally scheduled.

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