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This Boy Dresses Like a Girl to School. His Disgusted Father’s Reaction? Shocking!





Music videos are powerful tools that give artists the opportunity to convey messages that the public can learn from. Some use this as a medium to showcase sexy dancers, bling, sparkles and luxury. Having a bright and shiny production can attract listeners and viewers, but it does not necessarily mean that the youth can pick up a good lesson or two. This is why we admire artists, who choose to create something meaningful out of their music videos.

In this video of a French recording artist, Hollysiz, a little boy was seen attending school wearing a dress and playing with girly toys. Although his mom accepts him fully, his dad and the rest of the community are disgusted with his ways. Suddenly, a twist of events happened during the latter part of the video, which absolutely moved us!

Watch it here:

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Children have young minds and fragile feelings. They need guidance and protection from their parents all the time. And if their very own parents are not open to accepting them for who they are, it will build a huge problem in their emotional and holistic well being.

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Credits: Hollysiz via The San Francisco Globe

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