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Boy’s Confidence in His “Unbreakable” Phone Case Backfires After a Hammer Test Fail

His confidence in that unbreakable phone case was way too much!


Kids are currently run by gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. It has become a norm for every kid to own one piece of modernity and they will do anything to protect and safeguard their gadgets as it has become their little sanctuary of some sort.

However, we found this video of a kid, who does the complete opposite. In the clip, the kid confidently shows off his fully-functioning touch phone and what he seems to regard as an unbreakable phone case. He started off by demonstrating that his phone was working.

He then closed the casing, grabbed a hammer and started pounding his mobile phone. With much conviction, the boy opened his phone and much to his dismay, the result was not what he expected.

Watch what happened here:

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Such a poor boy! Although we feel bad for him, we have to admit that the video got us cracking also! What a huge fail! Kids, please try to protect your things, no matter how simple or expensive they are. And parents, please guide your kids to stop doing these, shall we say, stupid stuff.

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This Daddy Will Show You 17 Adorable Ways to Hold a Baby

Do you know that are actually more than one way to hold a baby like a pro? Here are seventeen.

Having a baby for the first time can be nerve-wracking, specially for daddies. Holding a baby? Even more nerve-wracking! And sometimes, boring...

But there are actually more ways to hold a baby than you can imagine. Although, we are sure mommies haven't tried of all them, we are definite that some daddies out there have held their babies in most of the ways in this list.

Running out of ways to hold your baby? Here are 17 ways to hold your baby like a pro...

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11-Year-Old Badass Girl Pulls Out Her Loose Tooth Using a Slingbow

A badass girl just got creative in pulling our her molar with a slingbow technique.

Every kid, at one point or another, dreads of of going to the dentist and have his tooth pulled out. Some kids either just pull them out with their hands or use a thread to pull their pearly whites out. Whichever way, it is still a bit of a painful experience to have something pulled out from your gums.

However, a badass girl named Alexis Davidson got creative in pulling out her tooth. Using a thread and a slingbow, she was able to get her molar pulled out. The experience was captured on video and watching it played in slow-motion makes it look even more cool.

But this strategy should not be imitated by everyone. A kid would need some badass attitude and a cool mom and dad as well to successfully pull this off. For the average kid, it is still best to go to the dentist, and have your tooth extracted.

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Guy Successfully Finishes Six Beers In Two Minutes But Left A Hilarious Aftermath!

He was doing very well and managed to keep his cool throughout the challenge but toward the end, uh-oh…

Once in a while, we go out with friends to unwind and relax after a hard day's work. One of the best ways ways to do that is to eat some good food and drink a little bit of alcohol to temporarily free us from our miseries. Alcohol can make us tipsy and with the right amounts, a good kind of craziness may be unleashed from us. But when drunk in excessively high amounts, some kind of trouble will surely strike!

In this video we found, a group of friends decided to hold a beer challenge. One guy was asked to drink six bottles of Cruisers, because according to the person holding the video camera, it was his punishment for not drinking the night before. The guy started pretty well -- calm and composed. But right after he chugged down the last drop of the sixth beer, uh-oh, he spewed everything in seconds and toward a target that was least expected!

Watch the video here:

We felt for the two guys who spewed and got spewed. Nonetheless, we found their friendship amazing as everyone was up for a good laugh!

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