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Boy’s Confidence in His “Unbreakable” Phone Case Backfires After a Hammer Test Fail





Kids are currently run by gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. It has become a norm for every kid to own one piece of modernity and they will do anything to protect and safeguard their gadgets as it has become their little sanctuary of some sort.

However, we found this video of a kid, who does the complete opposite. In the clip, the kid confidently shows off his fully-functioning touch phone and what he seems to regard as an unbreakable phone case. He started off by demonstrating that his phone was working.

He then closed the casing, grabbed a hammer and started pounding his mobile phone. With much conviction, the boy opened his phone and much to his dismay, the result was not what he expected.

Watch what happened here:

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Such a poor boy! Although we feel bad for him, we have to admit that the video got us cracking also! What a huge fail! Kids, please try to protect your things, no matter how simple or expensive they are. And parents, please guide your kids to stop doing these, shall we say, stupid stuff.

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