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Boy Attempts To Cover School Uniform With Cardboard Boxes To Enter Cyber Cafe

“He was certainly an inspiring figure for us all for his relentless perseverance and creativity.”

  • One student wanted to go to a cyber cafe after school.
  • Some cafes don’t allow students wearing their uniform inside their shop.
  • Instead of going home to change, the boy covered his uniform with cardboard boxes.
  • One netizen captured the whole thing and shared it on Instagram.

Way before the popularity of mobile devices, the cyber cafe was a favorite place for many. If you are a school student, however, getting there is not as easy, especially if you’re still wearing your school uniform.

Unless you owned a home PC back in the day, you wouldn’t know the feeling of wanting to go to an internet cafe for a game of Starcraft. This boy, however, took things a bit too far just so he could get a bit of game time in.

Visiting a cybercafe after school was, and still is, a common habit for some students. However, there are shops that wouldn’t let students in if they had their school uniforms on.

The boy definitely didn’t want to go home and change clothes and so he came up with a strange but brilliant solution to the dilemma.

As shared on Instagram by a Terenex, she spotted this boy going the extra mile just to get into the computer shop.

She said:

“I was going to dabao lunch with my colleagues at Parklane at around 12:45 pm when we saw a kid in his school uniform trying to fit himself into two boxes. (Funnily enough, the box was angled right at his butt and said ‘Yeast bread’).”

She said that they had a good laugh after seeing the boy, but they were also impressed about his innovative approach. Before they left, they decided to check on the “box boy” and caught him waddling with a third box to cover his pants.

After his second attempt, we are left guessing whether he managed to get into the cyber cafe or not.


These Naughty Goats Wearing Pool Noodles On Their Horns Are Absolutely Adorable

Cute and clever way to hide those sharp horns.

  • Goats can sometimes go overboard with their playfulness and end up hurting other goats and people as well.
  • Pool noodles are flexible tubes made of foam to hide the sharp points of a goat's horns
  • Other owners got more creative with sheathing the horns, using tennis balls, bucket, and socks

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Guy’s Drone Selfie Goes Horribly Wrong

The background music is perfect.

  • One man was hiking in the Pisgah national forest in North Carolina.
  • He decided to take a drone selfie to capture the beautiful view on camera.
  • He carelessly put his phone on a steep incline and it slipped.
  • The whole incident was captured on his drone footage.

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Fitness Trainer Draws Comics That Accurately Depict The Struggles Women Face In Staying Fit

The struggle is real when it comes to fitness!

Although everyone knows the importance of staying fit, the unfortunate truth is that only a few actually make the effort towards making it a part of their lifestyle. Getting into shape is never easy and requires a lot of sacrifice. That's why some people who have started hitting the gym and eating healthy eventually decide to stop and go back to their old ways.

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