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These Two Adorable Kittens Were Left To Die, Now They’re Off to Big Adventures

These kittens got a second chance at life. Now, they’re living a fun and adventurous life.


Rescue stories are always heartwarming. They always tug at your heartstrings, especially knowing how poor creatures get another second chance at life. That is exactly what happened to two feline siblings, Bolt and Keel.

Bolt and Keel were found by their humans in the park, specifically in a bush behind a garbage bin. The loving hearts who found them, Kayleen and Danielle, decided to take them to a local shelter, but it wasn’t open that day. And the next thing you know, the brothers Bolt and Keel are off to their big adventure outdoors.

This is Bolt.


He enjoys “leaping off things” and likes to be cuddled and carried. Like this.


And of course, because his humans often go out kayaking and swimming, he finds it enjoyable too.




And there’s licking Keel. He loves that too.


This is Keel.


He likes to bite noses and he enjoys back scratches, because who doesn’t?


He enjoys outdoor adventures just like his brother.



They may have the same color, but you can tell the difference. Bolt is more of a furball than Keel. Plus he’s got a kink on his tail, much like a lightning bolt.



This is Danielle and Kayleen… the brothers’ humans.


When Danielle and Kayleen found the abandoned kittens and had no idea what to do with them, they took them in and brought them along on their outdoor adventures.

When Bolt and Keel are not spending time outdoors, they just love to hangout and play “who’s more adorable?”



Although Bolt and Keel have different interests, they share one goal…

Bolt and Keel B

To be on The Ellen Show!


Let’s hope the stage is the brothers’ next big adventure! More information about Bolt and Keel’s adventure can be found on their official blog and Instagram.


He Loved Her for 60 Years But Never Saw Her Again – Until He Lost His Wallet.

Lovers who got separated for 60 years found each other again, because of a lost wallet and an old love letter!

Do you believe somehow, somewhere, all of us are meant to be with our one great love? Others may have found the love of their lives early on, and spent the rest of their lives together. Maybe others were unlucky finding it and settled for less, or never married at all. While still, others may have come across the love of their life, only to be separated along the way.

Sometimes luck and fate really goes into the equation of us finding love, and the special intervention of events and people just like the featured love story of two old souls who lost each other and found their way back to each other's arms again...

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This Short Danish Ad on Child Abuse is Short But Powerful

This ad is short but spot-on.


It may be under reported and kept under wraps in most cases, but it exists, and it is alarming.

Child abuse is the physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment of a child by a parent or guardian. According to the World Health Organization, studies have shown that one in four adults have experienced physical abuse as children. An estimated 41,000 cases of homicide in children aged 15 years old and below annually has also been reported by WHO. These alarming statistics though still does not accurately represent the magnitude of the problem, since most cases of child maltreatment are not reported or are incorrectly reported.

Just because you don't see it does not mean it does not exist. There are many forms of child maltreatment, and physical harm is just one of the many. Other forms, such as emotional maltreatment, leave scars far more deeper and longer to heal. One such example is perfectly captured by this short Danish advertisement on child maltreatment, showing an abused child wearing a mask everyday.

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Sassy Teen Insults An Old Man But Gets Schooled By His Unexpected Response

The teenager totally didn’t expect that response.


Sometimes when we see people who do not dress or act according to our standards we tend to judge them easily. Although words may not be spoken, the judgmental and self-righteous stares we throw their way are enough to communicate how we really feel. This is precisely why sometimes, people who are different tend to act out and be sarcastic as a self-defense mechanism.

This story, though, is quite different. Read on and be amused with the old man's response.

I took my dad to the mall once to get him new shoes (he is 66). We decided to grab a bite at the food court. I noticed he was watching a teenager sitting next to him...the teenager had spiked hair in all different colors - blue, red, green, and orange.

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