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Ahoy, Mates! The Blackbeard Treasure Hunt Kicks Off Tours in 10 Different States




  • A company called The Blackbeard Treasure announced that they are running a hunting activity in 10 different states in the US.
  • For this hunt, they buried 10 treasure chests, each containing $1-million cash.
  • They also buried a few things along with the cash and prepared hints and riddles for the participants in the hunt.
  • Maps to the hidden treasures are also available for a price.

In line with the pirate tradition handed down by Blackbeard, a company called the Blackbeard Treasure announced that they are running a hunt for ten (10) $1 million cash-filled treasure chests buried in different states across the US.

Each treasure chest will contain $1 million cash. Also included are a location beacon, a hidden camera, a key taped to the side of the chest, and a phone number to call when found the company shared.

They buried the chests in the states of Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas.

The company also revealed that there are a few digital maps available for sale. Each treasure map costs $49.99. There’s also a kickoff press tour where they will give away free t-shirts, hats, and mugs.

The participants who bought the maps also will receive clues and riddles to the whereabouts of the chests. Also, if no one finds any of the treasures for an undisclosed period, the organizer will send more clues via email and text messages. This will go on every two weeks until someone finds a chest.

In a statement, managing director Justin Cohen said this is “to get people excited about getting outside.” With this initiative, they hope that the people who joined can enjoy the activity, either alone or with friends and family. They only need to bring a shovel, a flashlight, a compass, and their cellphones.

Cohen also added that they organized this activity to give people the adventure of a lifetime and spiced it up by offering the possibility to “unearth a fortune” while doing so.

“Only two people know where the treasures are hidden.”

Those two – the company founder and one official from the company’s accounting firm – will keep the locations unknown to maintain the integrity of the hunt.

The Blackbeard Treasure Hunt company also said that they will be following some participants starting November 28th. They will be filmed during the hunt for a reality show called “The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure.”

Watch the Blackbeard Treasure Hunt teaser here:

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