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Family Discovers Safe Hidden Beneath The Floor By Previous Owner

Buying a pre-owned house can bring you surprises.


While buying a pre-owned house has its own set of disadvantages as compared to having a new one constructed, there is no denying that it is more practical for certain people. Practicality aside, though, moving to a house that has been previously owned can offer its new owners surprises, either a pleasant or shocking one.

A family from Boca Raton, Florida was recently fixing a tile in their closet when they discovered that one of the previous owners of the house they moved into had kept some secret behind: A safe beneath a piece of a floor tile. While the father and her daughter tried some number combinations to unlock the safe with the hope that it contains some gold bars or a huge amount of money, all their efforts ended in smoke.

One of the perks of buying a pre-owned house is discovering hidden surprises intentionally or inadvertently left by the previous owners.

With the help of a licensed locksmith, though, the family was finally able to unlock the secret hidden in the safe. While it was not the fortune that they had hoped for initially and nothing close to the discovery of a family in Phoenix, Arizona who unearthed $50,000 and a bottle of rare bourbon while fixing a loose floor tile in 2015, it was still a good find, though: The safe contained water and a coin that is now valued at almost $200.

Some new homeowners are lucky to find precious gems, antique coins, art pieces, or other valuable pieces hidden beneath the floor or behind the walls.

Not all discoveries are pleasant surprises, though. While others are lucky to find items that linked them to the past of the previous owners, such as a handwritten ledger, a framed photo, antique books, a gemstone, and works of art of famous artists that have been valued millions of dollars, some were shocked to discover that their walls kept some living things.

Others, meanwhile, have to contend with unpleasant surprises, such as live kittens and bee infestation behind the walls.

Now, what could be hidden beneath your floors or behind your walls?


Mom Unknowingly Serves Her Children With Inappropriately-Shaped Pasta

“Mom of the Year award most definitely does not go to me,” she said.

A young mother from Dunstable in the United Kingdom recently went viral after she mistakenly fed her children with some odd-shaped pasta. As you can tell from the photo above, the food looks inappropriate.

24-year-old mom Rebecca Brett went shopping at the market when her 3-year-old daughter Ava asked her to buy a bag of “smiley-face” pasta and so she did. It was already too late when she eventually realized the blunder.

That’s no smiley-faced pasta!

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Miracle Gone Wrong After Priest Gets Terribly Burned During Religious ‘Hot Coal’ Ritual

Warning: Graphic photos and video ahead.

This is one scary moment when one priest in India who up having 60% of his legs burned while performing a ritual in front of an audience. Everything was captured on film and the terrifying video eventually went viral on social media.

According to reports, Vijay Kumar suffered 60 percent burns in his body after the incident. Apparently, he lost his balance while doing the stunt at a festival held in the Sri Revanasiddeshwara temple in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka, India.

Vijay Kumar ran on burning coal during a religious festival – but he accidentally tripped along the way.

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Woman Arrested For Hiding Drugs In Bra – and Loaded Gun Inside Her Vagina!

The drugs and weapon were found after she was stopped on the highway.

27-year-old Anika Watt has been charged with possession of drugs and weapon after officers found her hiding heroin and ecstacy in her bra – and a loaded gun in her vagina. The woman from Missouri pleaded guilty to both felony charges.

According to reports, Anika desperately tried to hide the Kimber .380 caliber handgun from authorities and so she hid it, uhm, there. But police still managed to spot the weapon.

Anika Watt was stopped by cops for driving 90 mph along Interstate 55, north of Bloomington, Indiana.

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