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Men Disguised as ‘Thugs’ Sing Christmas Carols in This Heartwarming Prank

Yes, looks can be deceiving indeed.

Ann Moises





Christmas is just around the corner. People have put up decors inside and outside of their homes. Soon, you’ll hear kids and adults sing their hearts out in a joyful melody that would make you feel the spirit of Christmas even more.

Carolers may visit unexpectedly; you’ll never know who they are or where they came from until you peek out the window or open your doors for them.

But, how do you think you’d react if you ever see a peculiar group of heavily-built, African-American men who are all dressed in black; jackets, bonnets, blings, and shades included—outside your door?

In a prank orchestrated by American actor and prankster Tom Mabe, five men disguised themselves as thugs and knocked on the doors of the beautiful, suburban houses in Saratoga Woods. They looked so fierce that upon seeing the group, one of their unsuspecting “victims” closed her door immediately. But as soon as one of the guys blew his harmonica and the rest of the group started singing their astounding a capella, all the woman’s fears seemed to have melted away.

It was so entertaining to watch, and I’ll bet you won’t be able to resist the urge to smile. This awesome prank really tells us that looks can be deceiving.

Watch the video and tell us what you think about it.

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Guy Plans Elaborate Fake Proposal For His Cheating Girlfriend – And It’s So Savage!

Watch her priceless reaction in the end when he revealed he knows about all the cheating!

Mika Castro



You have probably seen a lot of epic proposals already carefully planned by the loving boyfriends for the love of their life. This proposal prepared by YouTuber Neil Pudsey is also carefully planned for his girlfriend Alex, but there is a big plot twist!

The video started out by Neil recounting the evidences of how his girlfriend Alex, cheated on him with a guy named Thomas Rue. He had evidences such as covertly catching the message exchange of the two, and her girlfriend sending out pictures that are supposedly for the boyfriend's eyes only. The cherry on top of the cheater's cake? Well she was texting her boyfriend whilst checked in on a country club with her lover. These instances of cheating compelled Neil to exact the sweetest revenge by making his cheating girlfriend believe on a fake marriage proposal, only to call the relationship quits.

The girlfriend in the moment of the big reveal!


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Man Named “Phuc Dat Bich” Forced to Post Passport After Facebook Bans His Account

If you think your name is awful, you don’t have it as bad as this guy…

Dondi Tiples



What's in a name?

Apparently, plenty. A Vietnamese-Australian man named Phuc Dat Bich has been given a lot of grief because of the name he was born with. So much so that he was forced to post his passport to prove his name really is Phuc Dat Bich after Facebook banned his account not only once, but three times!

So aggravated he's resorted to hiding in the trunk of his car...

1121 phuc 1

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This Prank Video Shows Stealing Is Extremely Easy With A Hot Girl Distraction

Here’s why you should keep an eye on your stuff all the time!

Mark Andrew



If you’ve been here before, you know we at EliteReaders are fond of featuring all sorts of insane pranks.

Among the most recent ones that caught our attention include Roman Atwood’s morbid Blowing Up My Kid Prank, Official Comedy’s horrific Killer Bee Prank, and, of course, Whatever’s epic hilarious Camel Toe Prank.

Well, here’s a fairly new one.

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