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Bikini Model Says She Can’t Find True Love Because She’s Too Beautiful

She claims her good looks often “intimidate” the nice guys.


When it comes to romance, we sometimes assume pretty people often have the advantage. This, however, is exactly not the case – at least according to a bikini model who claims that her good looks actually makes it hard for her to find genuine love.

A proud mother of two, Jenna Thompson broke up with her ex partner just two years ago. And getting back on the dating game has not been easy since.

Nice guys are “intimidated” because of her good looks, says bikini model Jenna Thompson.

In an interview with ITV’s This Morning, Jenna likewise shared how she’s not a fan of dating apps either because they are ‘shallow.’

She said:

“It’s impossible. It’s really shallow. People get a kick out of how many swipes they get which narrows down any nice people.

“I think I intimidate guys. Nice guys. I seem to attract guys who are only after one thing. People who think they’ll have a go and just want hook ups. No one is looking for anyone that serious.”

Attempts to date has so far been very disastrous for her.

Jenna reflected:

“I was set up on a date with some friends of mine and it ended up being with a guy who was a parking ticket officer – and he’d actually given me a parking ticket earlier that day.

“These are my friends trying to set me up on a date with somebody local. He wasn’t for me.”

At another point, she dated a man who she later discovered was already married.

“I had this guy who confessed that he was married, relatively late on into us dating. It was quite cold and wet on the date. He told me face-to-face.

“He actually slipped and fell over while trying to chase after me after I was walking off and I had to take him to the hospital because he knocked himself out.”

Jenna’s comments received mixed reactions online as some bashed her for being “self-absorbed.”

One even wrote:

“So Miss Fake thinks she is too good looking to find a date does she. Sounds like someone has a very over-inflated ego to me.”

Watch the This Morning feature here:

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