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The World’s Largest Indoor Water Park Is Located in Freezing Germany

While it’s snowing and ice-cold outside, it’s always beach weather inside the largest indoor beach resort in Germany.






When talking about ideal water park locations, Germany doesn’t really come to mind. With the country’s cold temperatures, such a vacation destination seems out of place.

But 30 miles south of Berlin is Tropical Islands Resort, the largest indoor water park in the world. The location is a former airship hangar, which is always freezing with snow during winter. Inside the sprawling water park, however, it is warm and humid.

The biggest indoor water park in the world is located in Germany.

Tropical Islands Resort takes up more than 16 acres (that’s more than six city blocks) and can host 6,000 guests at a time. The different facilities can cater to guests of all kinds, from kids to adults. The children can have fun in the paddling area, waterslide, and water play table.

It is warm and humid inside, even though it is freezing outside during winter.

At the Tropino Club, there are bumper boats, miniature cars, and air hockey. Adults can also enjoy the giant waterslides, a Bali-inspired lagoon, and a ‘tropical sea’ that covers the area of three Olympic-sized pools.

The water park caters to both the young and old.

There are areas with clear roofs, too, so guests can enjoy the sun. For something more relaxing, visitors can take advantage of the full-service spa.

There is an outside area called Amazonia.

There is an outside area called Amazonia, which surely won’t be busy during winter, as Germany’s temperatures tend to dip below freezing during the season.

The water park is open for day visits and overnight stays.

Day visits are possible, but for those who want to stay for a night or more, there are lodges, rooms, and even tents available. The structure and design of the water park can truly transport guests to a tropical destination.

The design and details of the place are very consistent with the tropical theme.

What do you think of this vacation destination? Will you visit Tropical Islands Resort the next time you’re in Germany?

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This Traveling Couple Makes 6-Figure Salaries By Posting Breathtaking Snaps On Instagram

This couple is living the life!




This couple cashes in on their travel adventures with the help of Instagram. Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are perfect for each other since they love traveling the world. Now, both are reportedly earning six-figure salaries just by promoting different brands on Instagram as they travel the world.

Morris and Bullen’s Instagram have a combined following of over three million. And why won’t they have that number – the couple’s travel photos are just so stunning. Most of them show the pair relaxing on a beach, enjoying laidback moments in a tropical area or sharing meals while getting a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Morris and Bullen started their romance in 2016 and have traveled together since. They have been to countries like England, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain and Morocco, among others. One Instagram post would earn them $9,000 and for Morris, anything less than a $3,000 offer would not be promoted.

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At 500ft Above The Ground, The Sky Pool Is Definitely The World’s Scariest Swimming Pool

Not recommended for swimmers afraid of heights!

Mark Andrew



Love exploring unique swimming pools? Well, you might want to check this one out – unless, of course, you are someone terrified of heights. If that’s the case, then you’d be completely justified if you don’t want to come anywhere close this pool.

Found at the Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas, this one-of-a-kind swimming pool called Sky Pool is situated from the building's 42nd floor – at 500ft above the busy road.

The Sky Pool is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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Police Drag Paying Passenger Off An Overbooked Plane, Bloodying His Face

Passengers posted videos of the incident on social media and netizens are outraged at the violent treatment.

Dondi Tiples



Passengers on a United Airlines plane bound for Louiseville, Kentucky were horrified when Chicago law enforcement dragged a man off an overbooked flight after he stood his ground and refused to give up his rightfully paid-for seat.

The whole upsetting event was captured on cellphone video and posted to Facebook and Twitter where it is now going viral online. Other passengers took to their social media accounts and called out United Airlines for the detestful way they dealt with the situation.

In disgrace.

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