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You Won’t Believe the Size of the Earwax They Pulled From His Ear…





Not all of us clean our ears as religiously as we should. Some people forget to remove excess wax from their ears. Now earwax is not really a bad thing; it’s actually needed to provide lubrication for the ear and protect it from water and dirt. The wax actually protects the ear from dust, foreign particles, and microorganisms.

So what happens if earwax starts to build up in your ear? First, there’s the hygiene issue. An ear canal that looks crusty when viewed from outside doesn’t look good. Second, the excess wax can harden and block the ear. Extreme cases can lead to temporary hearing loss.

So how much is too much? When you’re having a hard time getting rid of the hardened wax and someone has to extract the disgusting load from your ear. Case in point, this guy.

The first three attempts failed to get the wax…


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Oh my, there it is!


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Watch how they extracted the huge lump of wax from his ear.

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