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Arnold Schwarzenegger Poses As A Wax Statue To Prank Fans. Their Reactions Are Hilarious!





Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is best known for starring in the iconic film “The Terminator”. Fans all over the world followed the blockbuster franchise and secretly hoped T-101 will remain true to his famous line “I’ll be back”.

After many years of waiting, the Terminator has finally returned and not just on the big screen. Like NBA star Jeremy Lin, Schwarzenegger decided to pose as a wax statue inside Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood and frightened clueless visitors.

Schwarzenegger did a good job in pretending to be a waxwork but when fans came closer, the action star suddenly came to life scaring the hell out of them! At least everyone had a good laugh afterwards.

The Hollywood star agreed to stage the prank in order to show support to After-School All-Stars, a charity helping at-risk youth in 15 cities across the US. It’s also part of a promotional stunt for his new Terminator movie titled “Terminator Genisys”.

Watch the hilarious prank below.

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