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The Most Powerful Photos of 2015




Macedonian border police clash with refugees


Photo credit: Georgi Licovski/EPA

The Macedonian police were trying to help the scared kids avoid the crush of the refugees trying to push through. It was a very emotional photo for Licovski.

Palestinian boy asleep in a sandstorm


Photo credit: Suhaib Salem/Reuters

The boy seems enveloped in a different world after the huge sandstorm that swept war-torn Gaza.

Aerial view of explosion in Tianjin


Photo credit: Chen Jie/Visual China Group/Reuters

A view from above the warehouse where toxic chemicals caused the massive explosion that killed 165 people and injured 100 others. The photographer climbed on top of a building and then used a drone to take this shot at 300 meters.

Model ‘wears’ a model


Photo credit: Francois G Durand/WireImage

A model carries another model on her shoulders as she struts the runway.

Homeless boy uses light from McDonald’s to do his homework.


Photo credit:

9-year old Daniel Cabrera was spotted studying late at night just outside the restaurant in Mandaue City, making use of the light that spilled from the interiors so he can read. He was using a makeshift bench as study table. During that time, medical student Joyce Torrefranca was walking along the street when she saw the boy. Moved by this touching scene, she took a photo and shared it on her Facebook page. It quickly became viral and the netizens became impressed with the boy’s perseverance.

Flowers and candles at Le Carillon, Paris


Photo credit: Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images

This was taken on the Sunday after the horrifying attacks. During that time, the people were silent although the place was very crowded and a radio was playing a Jacques Brel song, If You Only Have Love.

Highline walk


Photo credit: Jean-Christophe Bott/EPA

20 men were taking turns walking the highline strung between the two sides of Moleson Peak. None of them couldn’t walk the entire length of the line without falling off. Good thing they are actually attached to the line with a little rope, but the scene was terrifying nonetheless.

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