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They are Obviously Dismayed on the Results of Latest Boxing Bout. So They Did This! LOL!

It has already been days since the ultimate boxers of the century met in Las Vegas yet more mixed reactions and opinions continue to surface all around the world. So, they decided to do this. LOL!


It has already been days since the ultimate boxers of the century met in Las Vegas yet more mixed reactions and opinions continue to surface all around the world. Despite the announcement of a supposedly victorious and glorious moment of the real champion, many are still obviously attached to their own bets and just can’t seem to get enough to express their dismays and pride.

While majority would attest who should have won, various memes and hilariously outrageous comments continue to circulate the world wide web using a lot of creative media as a source of entertainment and perhaps straight-forwarded “in-your-face”.

These two actors obviously have their own bet and playing with their artful minds came a little handy and timely. Guess the issuance of the real champ won’t die any time soon just yet.

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This Group Of Video Editors Revealed What “Man Of Steel’ Looked Like In Its Real Color. So Cool!

Movies sure undergo a lot of editing before they are shown in cinemas! But do you think this is accurate?

With superhero movies being produced one after the other, film makers may be pressured into bringing something new to the table. Because even though superhero movies are packed with action and the characters are loved by many, there is a tendency for them to get old and be labelled as 'just another superhero action movie'.

Maybe this is the reason why 2013's Man of Steel have received critiques when it comes to the significant deviations of the film to the classic character of Superman movies. One of the most notable aspects that received a bit of a 'spiced-up' was its color spectrum. This is similar to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, where director Zach Snyder decided to use unsaturated and subdued tones. It was an interesting twist to Man of Steel, which has always been regarded as the bright and ever lively superhero movie.

We found a video from VideoLab featuring the color changes that had been made to the movie. It was a cool comparison and we can't decide which is better - the original or the restored version?

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Clever Dog Might Have Better Toilet Etiquette Than Other People

When it comes to right manners and etiquette, count this dog to deliver!

Taking care of dogs can be quite a challenge, especially for busy people who have day jobs and a family to take care of. There are times when friends start calling for a Friday dinner catch-up at 7 pm, but unfortunately, you have to decline because your dog still hasn't 'released' it yet.

This is why we were so amazed when we saw this video. It features Baron, a German Shepherd, who is probably the most clever and prim dog we have ever seen. We wanted to meet the owner as we think he/ she deserves a pat in the back for being able to train a dog this well.

Watch the video here:

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Her Dad Bet She Won’t Hit the Highest Note, But What She Did is Even More Phenomenal!

You’d want to hear her sing over and over again.

I can't believe that "The Star Spangled Banner" would play in like an earworm in my head. That's how great 11-year old Lexi Walker's voice is. This pretty, little 7th grader from Cottonwood Heights, Utah sang the National Anthem at the Real Salt Lake Soccer game like she was auditioning for American Idol or The Voice. Her angelic voice matched her looks, but her rendition is so powerful and dynamic that she already sounded like a pro! The crowd cheered in awe of her vocal prowess, which also ignited the crowd's passion and excitement for the game.

An angelic face with an angelic voice


Photo credit:

Before her performance, Lexi's dad teased her into a wager. Her dad bet that she won't be able to hit the highest note in the anthem. Guess what? Lexi won. And not only that, this little girl even raised the note like an octave higher! It's amazing to see Lexi and hear her sing because despite the range of the song, she sang it effortlessly. Her electrifying voice paved the way for her next stints and TV guestings. She was invited to sing the National Anthem again, but this time at the NFL and NBA games. She also appeared at America's Got Talent, The Queen Latifah show, and Good Morning America. Her cover of the song "Let It Go" has received almost 55 million hits on YouTube.

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