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They are Obviously Dismayed on the Results of Latest Boxing Bout. So They Did This! LOL!





It has already been days since the ultimate boxers of the century met in Las Vegas yet more mixed reactions and opinions continue to surface all around the world. Despite the announcement of a supposedly victorious and glorious moment of the real champion, many are still obviously attached to their own bets and just can’t seem to get enough to express their dismays and pride.

While majority would attest who should have won, various memes and hilariously outrageous comments continue to circulate the world wide web using a lot of creative media as a source of entertainment and perhaps straight-forwarded “in-your-face”.

These two actors obviously have their own bet and playing with their artful minds came a little handy and timely. Guess the issuance of the real champ won’t die any time soon just yet.

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