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Top 5 Best Dive Watches You Can Afford





Diver’s watches are all the rage these days as they come with classic, stylish design and bear all the features a diving enthusiast may need. An ideal watch should include features like magnetic-, chemical-, and shock-resistance, visibility in the dark and durable strap. But more importantly, dive watches should be water and pressure resistant.

There are different options of dive watches that choosing one would be difficult. Here is a list of the best dive watches chosen by members of the Scuba Diving Dreams.

#1. SKA371 Kinetic Seiko Dive Watch

Source: Amazon

When it comes to classic watches, Seiko is the brand everyone loves. Its diver’s watches look great but are not at all that expensive. James Bond’s diving watch, the $3000-Omega Seamaster, is a coveted brand but it can be costly. The SKA371 is said to have a look comparable to that of the Seamaster’s except that they’re more affordable.

SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch by Seiko has a depth rate of 200 meters. The watch uses kinetic motion instead of a battery to keep it running. Perfect for recreational diving, the classy Seiko kinetic dive watch is easily a top choice for men.

#2. BN0151-09L ProMaster Citizen Dive Watch

Source: Amazon

Citizen brands are also worth considering. This brand of dive watches have an elegant yet simple design and it features casual and professional settings perfect to be used daily and when diving. The ProMaster dive watch by Citizen also powers itself automatically without needing a battery change.

The BN0151-09L ProMaster has a depth rate of 200 meters perfect for recreational scuba diving. Because of its functionality and design, this Citizen dive watch can be used on any occasion.

#3. Jiusko Deep Sea Men’s Divers Watch

Source: Amazon

This diving watch from Jiusko bears interesting design, thanks to its fun orange accents. Still, it has this classic appeal with its silver stainless band and the black bezel. The Deep Sea Men’s diving watch also has a strap extension that allows it to fit perfectly around your wetsuit, should you want to wear it on top. The watch has a depth rate of 300 meters

#4. Seiko Orange Monster Automatic Diving Watch For Men

Source: Amazon

Another Seiko on the list, the Orange Monster is suitable for those who like a bright color on their dive watch. It may look chunky and aggressive but the orange color tones down that appeal. The bright orange color helps the watch stand out among classic black and silver watches. This watch has a depth rate of 200 meters.

#5. Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver Sport Watch

Source: Amazon

Its rugged appeal makes adrenalin junkies take an interest on this Citizen watch. As with the Orange Master, the Eco-Drive Professional Diver Sport Watch also has bold and chunky features. It still has a classy bezel ring that makes this watch appropriate for semi-formal occasions.

With the eco-drive technology, this device’s lithium-ion battery never runs out. This diver sports watch has a depth rated at 300 meters and so its great for the outdoors while also looking classy for any occasion.

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