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Being A Loner Is In The DNA And Genes, Scientists Claim

Do you feel lonely and prefer to be alone more often? It might be in your genes.


Being a loner, someone who experiences loneliness, social isolation, or depression, is written in our DNA or it can be handed down from one generation to another, scientists claim.

The new study shows that people who are loners may have inherited the gene. The scientists investigated the role of genetics in how people experience loneliness and social isolation.

They utilized data from a study of 750 pairs of twins to get an in-depth look at the possible causes of loneliness or being a loner.

Source: Pixabay

The results, which was published in the Journal of Research in Personality, showed that genes or DNA accounts for 35 percent of feelings of isolation.

This means that those who have many genetic factors for the personality trait of neuroticism are also more likely to feel lonely.

Source: Pixabay

Having a genetic predisposition may mean that some people are simply more prone to feel lonely. Nevertheless, the researchers also found that having connections with other people, building companionships, or establishing relationships can help reverse or undo the genetic tendencies for isolation.

Dr. Julie Aitken Schermer, the lead author of the study at the Western Ontario in Canada, said in a statement:

“We are producing a more lonely society, individuals are more isolated, they are interacting with their technology more than they are interacting with other people. They aren’t having the same richness of interaction.

“If one makes friends in their class and is happy with the level of interaction they are having with other people, they are less likely to feel lonely.”

The researchers also emphasized the importance of companionship among people who feel lonely.

Source: Pixabay

For instance, if someone with a predisposition to loneliness is placed in an unhealthy environment, then they will naturally become more lonely. On the contrary, if people predisposed to loneliness are placed on a happy and supportive environment, they are less likely to dive down to loneliness.

Hence, being more open to other people and having a good support system can help fight loneliness and even depression.


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