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Company Lets You Install Observational Beehives In Your Living Room






The sad reality that we are facing today is the consistent decline in the bee population. Yes, this is true – and it has been that way for a long time already. Unfortunately, among the known causes of bee population decline are the loss of habitat and modern industrial farming methods.

If you think this is the least of your problems, then you certainly do not know a thing or two about nature. You see, bees are the ones responsible for pollinating most of the plants on the planet. And these plants, apparently, are the kinds that we human beings rely upon food. If not for these creatures, it is almost impossible for this cycle to happen. In order to encounter this nightmarish event, experts have come up with a couple of innovative solutions. BEEcosystem, in particular, has developed a system of wall-mounted observation hives, all of which can be easily expanded in a hexagonal, honeycomb style.

BEEcosystem is designed to counter the consistent decline in the bee population.

Source: Beecosystem

This innovative solution lets you invite a lot of bees into your living room! Not only does this concept bring bees closer to people in an urban setting, it is also good for the population of these creatures as a whole. Above all, we get to understand the crucial role that bees do on a daily basis.

The system is guaranteed safe, most especially for novice bee-keepers.

Source: Beecosystem
It lets you see how bees create their colony, beeswax, and honeycomb.

Source: Beecosystem
These hexagonal hives can be installed anywhere in your home.

Source: Beecosystem
But, of course, you are free to mount them outside.

Source: Beecosystem
They are really easy to install, and you can immediately see all bees in action!

Source: Beecosystem
Hives are connected in a way that they can expanded to create more hive space.

Source: Beecosystem
This secure tubing lets bees enter the hives safely.

Source: Beecosystem
With this innovation, we are able to bring bees closer to us in an urban environment.

Source: Beecosystem
By allowing them to grow their colony, we are also helping nature as a whole.

Source: Beecosystem
This is definitely something that we should put our interests into!

Source: Beecosystem

You can learn more about this amazing technology here. What do you think about BEEcosystem? Would you want one in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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