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Now You Can Install Hives in Your Living Room to Save the Bee Population!




  • These hexagonal hives have safety features that prevent bees from escaping inside the house.
  • They can be installed outside and in any elevation.
  • You can add more boxes and interconnect them as the hive grows.

The decline of the bee population is a world-wide concern considering the role of bees food production. Without bees, there is no way to pollinate domestic crops and we could face a massive food shortage.

You can do your part in helping with the bee population problem by installing a hive right in your living room. Now you probably think this is a crazy idea because most people would probably get terrified with the idea of being in such close proximity to a bee hive. But some brave souls are actually doing this and installed cool-looking hives that look good AND are safe to have around.

The custom hives are created by a company called BEEcosystem.

These are enclosed observation hives that people can have inside their homes without fear of the bees escaping and flying around.

These are wooden enclosures in hexagonal shape. You can add more boxes and interlock them as your hive grows.
The hives can also be installed outdoors and at any elevation.

The boxes are held together by magnets. There is a feeder attached to the set plus it has a detachable bar frame. This is used to harvest the honey.

BEEcosystem puts to rest any fears of the bees escaping from the hives because the set has a number of safety features.

For indoor hives, there is a small tube that leads to the outside of the house. This allows the bees to come and go as they please.

The company also established the Beekeeper Ambassador Program to help prospective beekeepers in maintaining the hives. Customers include farm-to-table restaurants and vineyards.

Dustin Betz, co-creator of the BEEcosystem, said: “

“We feel the BEEcosystem hive can add tons of value to eco- and agri-tourism businesses. And the Ambassador Program will allow more of those businesses to purchase our product without having to have someone in-house manage the hive—this network will also help to educate the next generation of beekeepers, and greatly increase the reach of our social impact.”

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