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Mysterious Beach Formations Baffle Scientists 

These are stunningly beautiful formations…

For years, scientists were unable to explain how beach cusps are formed.

These beautiful yet mysterious regularly spaced, crescentic formations usually appear during or after storms. While those who believe in extra-terrestrial life may attribute these beautiful shoreline formations to aliens, there are two existing theories on how they are formed.

The ‘standing edge’ theory claims that the interaction between the normal waves approaching the shore and the edge waves gives rise to regularly-spaced points of different wave intensity. Meanwhile, the self-organisation theory explains that beach cusps are products of interactions among wave, current, as well as sand over time that result to feedback loops.

Scientists are considering the possibility that these theories work together to create beach cusps.

A striking pattern in Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England.


Photo credit: Namraka


Photo credit: Leenaj


Photo credit: Bored Panda
Beach cusps in Palomarin Beach, Point Reyes, USA


Photo credit: David Abercrombie


This Mom’s Epic Letter To Her Son Just Taught Him A Great Lesson.

Mother teaches her son a lesson through a letter complete with bill.


Disciplining a kid is one of the challenges of being a parent but this "super mom" handles  it like a "pro." Estella Havisham left her son  Aaron a very amusing yet powerful love letter that just might give us our "parenting goals." The 13-year-old YouTuber has apparently lied to her mom about doing his homework so now, it's "payback" time and he is about to learn his lesson, the hard way though.

Meanwhile, Estella posted a photo of the note on Facebook complete with a bill which quickly went viral since.

"I made the point to show what life would look like if I was not his 'parent,' but rather a 'roommate,'" Estella explained.


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Chinese Sperm Banks Lure Men to Donate by Offering Free iPhone 6s

Would you fall for this marketing strategy?


Men can now finally get hold of the latest gadget from Apple without the need to break the bank.

Sperm banks in China are urging men to make donations in exchange for cash enough to purchase the iPhone 6s.

In one of its advertisements, Shanghai Sperm Banks says: “No need to sell a kidney...Shanghai sperm bank can make your iPhone 6S dream come true.”...

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Would You Eat This Neon-Colored Noodle Soup?

Weird food alert: neon-colored noodles, anyone?


If you think it's Play-doh, then you're completely mistaken. These vibrantly-colored dishes which look like they're made from modelling clay are in fact, edible.

Kurare Raku, who identifies himself as a "bad scientist", created the colorful variations of udon for the Unbelievable Science Festival held in Japan. He calls his recipe the "Electrical Udon".


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