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Bath Pizza Co Is Looking for a Professional Pizza Eater





Love money and pizza? Of course you do! Who the hell doesn’t, right? Well, here goes a terrific news for anyone who has ever fancied about earning a living by stuffing their mouths with pizza.

If that sounds like a dream come true for you, listen up. According to recent reports, a company has posted a job opening for a professional pizza eater. Yes, you read that right, folks – a professional freakin’ pizza eater!

Your dream job just came true!

As the reports tell us, Bath Pizza Co is indeed looking forward to hiring someone to fill the said position. The official website posted about the vacancy, saying:

“We’re looking for a pizza taster to sample our new menu at Bath Pizza Co. The ideal candidate will be an experienced pizza connoisseur with a love for wood fired flavors.

“You’ll have a cultured palate and be able to feedback your professional opinion to our head chef and you’ll have the chance to try each of our pizzas and influence our menu. We serve thousands of people every month so ensuring our menu excites and delights our customers will be a key part of this role.”

Aside from the salary, travel and other costs will also be covered.

The ad also specifies:

“We’re looking for a real pizza lover to test our new menu, feedback to our chefs and help us refine our menu. Location doesn’t matter. We’ll even cover your travel costs – flights, train fares, fuel – for the right candidate.”

Bath Pizza Co likewise guarantees a “competitive” paycheck for the qualifying applicant.

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Meanwhile, Unilad was able to interview Alex, owner of Bath Pizza co, to give further details about the vacancy.

Alex explained:

“We’ve been casually testing our pizzas with customers, partner producers and friends since we opened in 2016 but we wanted to have someone solely dedicated to tasting and feeding back to our chefs with fresh eyes on our menu.

“We thought ‘what if we can find a specialist pizza eater to come in and get to grips with our pizza for a few hours a week?’ To make sure we attract quality applicants we’ll be paying a competitive salary.”

The company has since been flooded by hundreds of applications from interested individuals.

According to Alex:

“Within 6 hours of the job being live we’d had 132 applications without really telling anyone about it. Today, 18 hours on we’ve just had our 529th.”

Are you up for the job?

Source: PA

The owner added:

“We’re looking for someone who loves pizza as much as we do. Our wood fired oven is our baby, so someone who can stand out in their application with a clear vision for what makes awesome pizza is key.

“We’re looking for someone with serious pizza experience, a cultured palette and isn’t afraid of sharing their opinion with our team.”

If you think you’re the right guy, then go ahead and try your luck by visiting their website.

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