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Thousands of Mysteriously Aligned Ancient Holes Baffle Archaeologists

What these researchers found using Google Maps is quite striking.


There are a lot of mysteries in this world and beyond that we could not explain. The mere existence of some things are simply unknown to us while others remain nothing but theories. Fact or not, these mysteries are everywhere, waiting to be discovered.

Another striking mystery aside from Nazca Lines has been recently found in Peru, located near Pisco Valley. Commonly known as ‘The Band of Holes,’ these are man-sized holes carved into the barren rock. According to the local people, they have been around for so long but they have no idea what really are these strange holes or who made them.

Length: Approximately 1,450m
Width: Approximately 20m
Number of holes estimate: 6,900

View it on Google Earth:

Lattitude: 13°42’55.37″S
Longitude: 75°52’28.46″W
Eye alt: 3,100 ft

Archaeologists have their own theories about such disturbing mystery. Some of them speculated that these holes were dug to store grain in. Another theory states that they are burial chambers. However, there are still no evidences to prove that these are facts up to this day.

Thousands of man-sized holes stretching for a mile are carved into the rock of the Andes Mountains.


Photo credit: World Mysteries
Researchers were already aware of these strange holes for a while now yet no one really knew their true extent until they used satellite photography to map the area.


Photo credit: World Mysteries
Some sections have holes in rigid and perfect precision, some run in rows that curve up in arches, some staggered lines.


Photo credit: World Mysteries
These holes vary in depth which is about 6-7 feet deep while some are just shallow ones.


Photo credit: World Mysteries
What are they? Who made them? And why are they here?


Photo credit: World Mysteries
Not even the locals can answer those questions.

Archaeologists have their set of theories but are not yet proven to be true.


Photo credit: World Mysteries

To date, this band of holes still remains a mystery that continues to puzzle experts.


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