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Japanese Artist Creates The Coolest Balloon Animals EVER

This guy takes balloon twisting to the next level!

Mark Andrew





Remember those animal-shaped balloons you saw during parties as a child? This artist from the Land of the Rising Sun will surely make you love them all over again!

When it comes to balloon art, we believe no one does it better than Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto. As anyone can tell from the photos below, this artist is definitely someone who has obviously dedicated his tihis craft. His animal and insect creations look fun, visually stunning and very detailed!

What’s even more impressive is the fact that Matsumoto does not use stickers, tapes, markers, or any other materials for his colorful sculptures. It’s all just blowing and twisting balloons for this guy! And according to him, it takes from 2 to 6 hours to finish each piece so you can just imagine the amount of dedication and passion he has for it.

Go scroll down and prepare to be amazed!

#1. Phoenix

#2. House Fly

#3. Chameleon

#4. Octopus

#5. Caterpillar

#6. Snake

#7. Jellyfish

#8. Frog

#9. Jumping Spider

#10. Siamang

#11. Cockatiel

#12. Bee

#13. Ostrich

#14. Skunk

#15. Bat

#16. Spider

#17. Snow Monkey

#18. Beetle Larva

#19. Beaver

#20. Rockhopper Penguin

#21. Griffon

#22. Rooster

#23. Snail

#24. Cicada

#25. Centipede

#26. Pellucid Hawk Moth

#27. Crab

#28. Kingfisher

#29. Rabbit

#30. Parrot

#31. Proboscis Monkey

#32. Luna Moth

#33. Trilobite

#34. Bush Cricket

#35. Japanese White-Eye

#36. Frilled Lizard

#37. Squid

#38. Cat

#39. Lizard

#40. Turkey

#41. Scorpionfish

#42. Cobra

#43. Owl

#44. Chubby Dragon

#45. Capybara

#46. Camel Cricket

#47. Cassowary

#48. Nautilus

#49. Chameleon

#50. Ray

In an interview, the self-taught artist shared:

“I started making these seven years ago, I was really inspired by wildlife pictures and wanted to see if I could create realistic animals of my own.”

We must say he truly achieved his goal. His works have made him popular in the art form and we can’t wait to see more of his colorful creations in the near future.

If you want to check out Masayoshi Matsumoto online, you can go follow him on Twitter or on his Tumblr page.

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